Mutt seeks home; will love you forever for food

My good friend Samuel Tenenbaum has a VERY soft heart for critters, and occasionally sends out pics of strays seeking a home. He and Inez have taken in quite a few themselves over the years, with their menagerie often numbering in the double digits.

Here’s the latest he’s trying to help with, and here’s the original message he passed along from the folks who found him:

Mark and I were walking around a car dealership and found a dog in the parking lot. He looks to be about 5-6 years old, spaniel mix. He’s as sweet as he can be, very gentle and well-tempered.  We’re going to keep him in the backyard in the shade for a couple of days but just can’t keep him any longer with the other animals. I have contacted a few shelters and no one seems to have room right now (although I’ll put him on waiting lists). I wondered if you would mind to pass this along to anyone you might think would be interested. Also, I wondered if it might be possible to send this to Sam Tenenbaum to see if there is anything that he could do to help?
I really want to find a home or a no-kill shelter for him, but I’m afraid that if it takes any longer than a few days we’ll have nowhere to go besides the pound. L
Any help would be appreciated – thank you so much and hope you’re having a good weekend!! (Picture attached)

Samuel is one of the founders of the organization FORMERLY known as Project Pet, and now known as Pawmetto Lifeline. It’s the outfit building that state-of-the-art no-kill facility out in the Harbison area.

Some recent media accounts have mistakenly called the group by its former name. But that’s not right, folks. It’s Pawmetto Lifeline. There’s an official website and everything. (I know, because I wrote some of the copy for it.) Got that?

Anyway, if any of y’all are interested in saving this dog, I’ll be glad to pass on your contact info.

15 thoughts on “Mutt seeks home; will love you forever for food

  1. Doug Ross

    How am I supposed to be cynical after seeing that picture?

    We have one pound dog, a pound cat, and another dog already but let me know if this one can’t find a home.

  2. Brad

    All right, now I know what to do! Whenever Doug’s cynicism is wearing me down, I just need to come up with another dog picture.

    I’d better start collecting them… Hey Doug, before we go back to talking about Innovista, take a look at this page from the Pawmetto Lifeline site.

  3. Steven Davis

    I’ve got two shelter dogs too. I “prefer” Pets Inc. because of their Angel List charity status and no need for a million dollar facility. But a stray typically doesn’t get to choose which shelter he’s sent to. If I had room for a 3rd, I’d consider this one.

  4. Steven Davis

    Better yet, why not post a link on your blog front page to both shelters. I’d prefer that than to stare at the link to the conference that was held a month ago.

  5. Brad

    Oh, I’ll get to that eventually. Maybe even today. I actually thought about it earlier today, but successfully referred it to committee…

    As for “having to” post the link for Pets Inc… not really. The context was that Samuel is associated with Pawmetto Lifeline. Also, I had heard today that Pawmetto Lifeline had been called by its old name in media reports. So I was able to kill two birds with one post. If that’s OK with my animal-loving friends…

    By the way, my family has gotten three dogs over the years from the fine folks at … that other shelter. But these days, ADCO is doing bidness with Pawmetto Lifeline, so naturally they are more on my mind..

  6. Kathy

    What a sweet looking dog. Sure hope he finds a good home. We have six adopted cats and feed other cats as well. In our rural area, we’ve been raising money to build a no-kill shelter where dogs and cats pulled from the county shelter will have a chance for a better life. Our county “shelter” has had a euthanasia rate as high as 98 percent in recent years. I didn’t know about the slaughter of animals at these so-called shelters until a few years ago. We’re very fortunate here to have a group of hard-working, dedicated people who are putting so much effort into helping animals. Providing low-cost and no-cost spaying and neutering, teaching people about spaying and neutering, providing dog houses for those who need them, and working with feral cat colonies are other important activities of the group. I’ve learned from Facebook that there are many groups and individuals who are working hard to save abused and neglected animals, but there is still so much to be done that it can sometimes seem useless to try. But I know we have to keep trying.

    I believe it was Pawmetto Lifeline that was trying to get enough people to walk (Bark to the Park) to represent all the animals who were euthanized in Richland County last year. I thought that was an excellent way to illustrate a senseless tragedy.

  7. Pat

    I love it that all of you are animal lovers. If I could, I would take this one. All of our animals except one have been cast-offs – shelter or unwanted by their families. We even got a dog as a companion for our dog! This one looks like a sweetie. I hope he has a home by now. Do you know, Brad?

  8. Doug Ross

    I got voted down. Since I spend more than half my time away from home, I can’t make a good case for saying “I’ll feed it”

  9. Brad

    Pat, I briefly had hopes for Doug, but he’s right — that’s a pretty good argument against his taking it in.

    The pooch is still with the folks who orginally found him. Or that was the case two days ago. I need to check again…

  10. Burl Burlingame

    Our big dog Andy, who’s now 110 pounds, came to us weighing less than a pound. He was one of the few pups still alive at a crack house that burned down, and the meth heads there were eating dogs. The yard was full of dead puppies. The vet said he had a 50/50 chance of living another 24 hours, but he made it. Now he’s a big happy dog!

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