OK, so NONE of us knows what we’re talking about (the collards controversy continues to rage)

Remember how yesterday we were sorta kinda making fun of Greg Ryberg for not knowing (although I assumed he was being facetious) that the collards vote was for SC “official leafy vegetable,” not “official vegetable?”

Turns out that Ryberg had it right, and Larry Martin, and The Associated Press, and bradwarthen.com, all had it wrong. AP moved this correction last evening:

SC legislators make collards state vegetable

Corrects that the designation is for “official vegetable” instead of “official leafy vegetable.”

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – South Carolina senators have named collard greens the state’s official vegetable.

The Senate on Tuesday approved recognizing collard greens with a 30-12 vote. The proposal needs to get routine final approval Wednesday before being sent to the House.

State Sen. Greg Ryberg of Aiken wondered why collards were getting singled out for recognition and not something like green beans.

State Sen. Larry Martin of Pickens said the designation was for a leafy vegetable and green beans weren’t leafy vegetables.

But the legislation doesn’t limit the designation to a leafy vegetable.

That means collard greens can stand tall over everything from everything from arugula to zucchini.

I don’t know about the AP, but I suddenly feel the need for a leafy vegetable with which to cover my nakedness…

8 thoughts on “OK, so NONE of us knows what we’re talking about (the collards controversy continues to rage)

  1. bud

    Collards over Okra? And I was actually giving them some credit when the debate was incorrectly reported to be over the state’s leafy vegetable.

    On a mildly serious note can we really trust anything that gets reported when this rather simple story gets mis-reported? Who is responsible for the error, the press or the General Assembly?

  2. Mike

    I actually kind of like collard greens being the state’s official “leafy vegetable” if that was still the case. This would allow us to also have something like okra designated as the official “vegetable” (sorry, green beans fans in Lake City – whatever that is about). If I was Nathan Ballentine of Irmo I would be fighting for okra!

    I don’t think it would be too much to have both an official vegetable and an official “leafy vegetable”. I mean, milk is the official beverage while sweet tea is the official “hospitality” beverage…interesting.

  3. Brad

    The tomato is a fruit.

    Reminds me of something that happened in the Tennessee legislature when I was there. A lawmaker from Jackson insisted that corn should be the state vegetable. Someone had to explain to him that corn is a grain.

    Me, I’m just glad that a couple of my readers understand that the one thing that SHOULD be the state vegetable is okra. Freakin’ A.

  4. Steven Davis

    What exactly does being an official state anything mean or prove? Does it change anything? If it’s illegal to shoot the state bird, shouldn’t it be illegal to eat a state fruit/vegetable/nut/grain/meat/root/roadkill?

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