Phil Noble on ‘The Brad Show (Guerrilla Edition)’

Welcome to the cinéma vérité version of “The Brad Show.” Just to give it a fancy name.

Scheduling time with Phil Noble, candidate for SC Democratic Party chair, wasn’t quite as easy as getting together with Dick Harpootlian. Dick’s office is right down the street and around the corner, whereas Phil is based in Charleston.

So we went back and forth, back and forth, via email and phone, trying to get together. On Good Friday (while I was taking a three-day break from the laptop), Phil wrote to tell me he’d be in town on Monday. So when I got that on Monday, I got back to him and left a message. He called me back during Monday’s Rotary meeting, proposing to meet me in a couple of hours. I checked with Gene and Jay, and that we too short notice for a full studio session.

So I improvised. I asked Phil to come by the office anyway, and interviewed him with my little Canon A1100 set on my cheap little tripod I got from Walmart.

The video quality really isn’t all that bad, considering the gonzo, guerrilla way in which it was shot. Of course, to get that kind of resolution, you’re talking about a freaking HUGE file — like, 770 MB. Transferring it from the camera to the laptop was an hour. Converting the format was another hour. Uploading it to was more like four or five hours (I don’t know how long, because I finally went home and left it running).

And now, to you.

Why couldn’t we wait for studio time? Because the state Democratic convention is Saturday. Which reminds me — if I’m going, I need to see about whether I need credentials or something.

As for what Phil had to say — what, you think I’m going to sit here and type it out for you? I went to enough trouble getting it to you; the least you can do is watch it.

Warning — it’s the longest Brad Show ever, at more than 34 minutes. Another drawback from not having a pro like Jay handle it (and boy, do I appreciate him more than ever now) was that there was nobody to give me significant looks that meant “wrap it up!”

If you’re interested at all in who should be the chairman of the state Dems, you should find this interesting. So WATCH it. (And go back and watch the Harpootlian one, too, if you haven’t — as Kevin Fisher recommended…)

3 thoughts on “Phil Noble on ‘The Brad Show (Guerrilla Edition)’

  1. Brad

    What, none of y’all have watched this yet?

    Dang it — if you’re a delegate to the convention Saturday, you should be REQUIRED to watch both of these. In fact, everybody who is involved in politics in the Palmetto State should be required to read

    And everybody else should be required to advertise. That’s the way it would be in a just and reasonable world.

    To heck with this free market stuff.

    Smiley face! I said that with a smiley face! 🙂

  2. Pat

    Well, he sounds interesting. Of course, I’m bailing out on the party thing, but I would like to see the Democrats give the Republicans a run for their money. Maybe it would force the Republicans have more substance. He sounds like he has a plan and knows what he wants it to be about. And if he’s a friend of Dick Riley and Frank Holleman, I would associate him with bringing some dignity back to the SC political scene.

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