SC Senate steps out, takes a stand for collards

This came in this afternoon from John O’Connor:

S.C. Senate Judiciary approves bill making collards the state’s official leafy vegetable.

I asked John whether there were any votes for arugula, but he said not.

Now, before y’all go off on a tirade about how the Legislature spends all its time on such silliness (which is probably the complaint I hear the most often about lawmakers), the truth is that they don’t. Spend all their time on stuff like that. In fact, Judiciary also debate the bill to have the governor and lieutenant governor run on the same ticket, and to have the state superintendent appointed rather than elected. This is all according to John. On account of The State still pays him to hang out over there…

Both ought to pass easily, but of course, this being the SC Senate, what ought to happen has little to do with reality.

BUT… this time, they actually did pass the superintendent bill, 17-2. Which is something.

By the way, you may or may not be gratified to know that Sen. Robert Ford DID speak out about the Senate wasting its time on things that didn’t matter. But he wasn’t talking about the collards; he was talking about the changes to our constitution.

My favorite one of John’s Tweets today:

Twitter can’t do justice to Sen. Ford’s arguments.

11 thoughts on “SC Senate steps out, takes a stand for collards

  1. Jake

    Anybody appointed would have to be better than Zais. He treats public schools like leper colonies and public school teachers like we are the scum of the earth.

  2. Steven Davis

    Sounds like more wasted time at the Statehouse. Which is business as usual up there. They don’t have time to try and work on budgets but they can vote and discuss stupidity like this. You do realize that this had to be discussed and voted on three times in committee before it came up on the floor. How many man hours were wasted on that?

  3. bud

    Thankfully our general assembly got something right. I was afraid some Yankee concoction like spinach would become the state leafy vegetable.

  4. tim

    I used to think this sort of thing was pointless and stupid. Then I realized at least this gets some school kids involved and interested in the political process. Frankly, I think it would be a valuable exercise to do something like this every year as a way of interesting children in how a bill becomes law.

    And I also realized that its the other 90 percent of what they do is actually twaddle (look at the list of bills proposed each session), since the budget is the only thing that really matters most of the time. Occasional judicial bills, or crime bills matter, but its the money peice that matters.

  5. Kathy

    Jake, I’m very sorry but I feel certain our current gov and many of the previous ones could easily appoint someone much worse than Zais. I don’t mean this as an endorsement of Zais but rather an “undorsement” of the governors.

  6. tim

    @Kathryn,… so you want to win arguments with facts? Bah! I will cling to my beliefs despite the facts. That’s the Dandelionist Way. In any event, Dandelions for South Carolina,… WILD, Tough, and Free. Down with Collards.

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