Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking a look around the globe at this hour:

  1. Japan rocked by new earthquake (BBC) — The seismic hits just keep on coming. Fortunately, there was no tsunami with this one, and damage was minimal. But unnerving.
  2. No deal after latest White House budget talks (WashPost) — Want to know what I think? You don’t want to know what I think. But I’ll tell you anyway. As I said on Twitter this morning, “Oh, let them shut down the government; they really want to. We have to have this nonsense every decade or two. Helps get rid of bad blood.” And as I told you yesterday in this space, you know how all this ends, don’t you? With the re-election of the Democratic president. Just like the last time.
  3. SC House kills funding for anti-immigration unit ( — If you’ll recall, the last thing I had to say about this new unit was, “S.C. Border Patrol? Can anyone POSSIBLY think of anything more absurd for a state that can’t afford basic services?” Turns out we’re not going to fund it after all. Well, Hallelujah. Common sense triumphs for once.
  4. House also passes Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act (AP) — OK, so I spoke too soon about the common sense thing.
  5. Airmen Aid Effort To Avert Afghan Deaths (NPR) — I put this on the page because it’s interesting, of course, and important. But also because of the alliteration.
  6. Libyan Rebels Say Airstrikes Killed 5 (NYT) — Thing is, we don’t HAVE forward air controllers on the ground in Libya.

4 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, April 7, 2011

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    @ Karen–you gonna have to get you some tin foil to line your hat so them Martians can’t steal your thoughts!

    @Rose– I heard the illegal aliens caused some issues with their unregistered kegs at the Cup last week.


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