Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, I didn’t give you much else today, but here’s a theoretical front page for you:

  1. Obama Urges Cuts and Taxes on the Rich (NYT) — You know what? I’ll eliminate the ENTIRE deficit, and all you have to do is pay me one percent of the savings I find. Don’t thank me; I’d be happy to do it.
  2. Mubarak Detained for Questioning (NYT) — First losing power. Then a heart attack. Now this.
  3. U.S. Attempts To Reignite Israel-Palestinian Talks (NPR) — Meanwhile, on another important front.
  4. Libya group urges Gaddafi to go (BBC) — Not sure what this means. Not sure what kind of cred this “contact group” has. Most significant seems to be their commitment to provide, or to continue providing, “material support” for rebels.
  5. CIA’s post-9/11 brain drain (WashPost) — Thought this was an interesting take-note-of. Apparently, experienced officers have gone to work as consultants for companies wanting to do bidness with the intel community. Hey, as an experienced executive, maybe I should have done that when I got laid off. Oh, but wait: Nobody WANTS to do business with newspapers anymore. That’s why I got laid off. Almost forgot. My brain must be draining.
  6. No new American Civil War, yet (various) — Since I didn’t really have anything local that was front-worthy, I thought I’d note the good no-news that the shots fired at Fort Sumter yesterday have so far not led to full-scale hostilities, this time. Yet. But the attitudes at our State House still bear watching.

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