Your Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let’s see how fast I can do this (I know; I’ll leave out the facetious remarks!):

  1. Portugal seeks bail-out from EU (BBC) — Another domino.
  2. Ivory Coast: Gbagbo repels attack (BBC) — Today’s war news.
  3. Shutdown would furlough 800K, officials say (WashPost) — A HUGE concern for that paper’s readership.
  4. How A Government Shutdown Would Play Out (NPR) — In case you wondered, and don’t remember the mid-90s. SPOILER ALERT: It ends with the re-election of a Democratic president.
  5. Haley leaves Amazon break up to lawmakers ( — You saw that already.
  6. Netflix to Stream ‘Mad Men’ (WSJ) — Hey, it was big news to ME.

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