AP, Reuters ALSO sit out B-team debate tonight

First, most of the candidates who count decided to skip tonight’s GOP debate in Greenville.

Then, so did I. Just not worth the trip. THAT did not make news. Partly because I didn’t tell anybody.

Now, The Associated Press and Reuters are staying away, as a protest:

The Associated Press announced Wednesday night that it’s not going to cover tomorrow night’s Republican presidential debate, citing “restrictions placed on media access.”

“The debate sponsors, Fox News Channel and the South Carolina Republican Party, will only allow photos to be taken in the moments ahead of the debate and not during the event itself,” the AP said in an advisory to editors.

“These are restrictions that violate basic demands of news-gathering and differ from other debates where more access was granted. Accordingly, the AP will not staff the event in any format nor will the AP disseminate any pool photos taken by another outlet.”

The AP said the decision was “consistent with longstanding policy” in coverage of events like these, and would be reassessed “should access conditions change.”

Reuters confirmed that it would not be covering the event photographically, because it shared concerns about access. However, Reuters did not confirm whether it would be going as far as AP and not filing text either.

While I suppose he won’t be there covering it, The AP’s Jim Davenport DID do an advance story, which you can find here.

7 thoughts on “AP, Reuters ALSO sit out B-team debate tonight

  1. Brad

    This is great. Before I was not going because I didn’t want to (and because I’m having back trouble, which makes riding in a car miserable, and that might necessitate surgery). Now I can refuse to go on principle.

    I feel loftier already.

  2. Brad

    Do I not seem more admirable by the minute?

    But don’t speak of it, please. It’s what I HAD to do…

  3. Ralph Hightower

    So what happens if the SC GOP party holds a debate and none of the contenders show up?

  4. bud

    A Republican I could support: Former Governor Johnson from New Mexico. He is basically the “legalize marijuana” candidate. We need more folks to get on board that sensible proposal.

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