In the future, Colatown will finally be cool

EngenuitySC just drew my attention to this, from a forward-looking Brit publication:

Columbia Named a Top “City of the Future”

fDi Magazine, a London-based publication for foreign investors, has named Columbia, SC to its “American Cities of the Future” 2011-12 rankings. Columbia made the top ten lists for both “Small Cities of the Future” and “Small Cities Quality of Life.” Review all the rankings here.

We didn’t make the Top 10 overall, or the Top 10 Major Cities. Nor did we make the Top 10 Latin American cities, in spite of all those illegal immigrants Doug and others keep worrying about. But we did make those two “Small Cities” lists.

We’ve waited so long here in the Midlands. It’s great to know that in the future, we will finally be cool.

4 thoughts on “In the future, Colatown will finally be cool

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Well, we’re hardly a “Major” city, are we–so I call it a win!

    What were the criteria?

  2. Steven Davis

    Other than cheap labor, what is going to draw them to Columbia? Being 90 miles from a port?


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