Sec. Clinton helps point way to what’s next

Of course, at such an emotion-packed historic moment as this, one encounters a lot of foolishness, from the behavior of those drunken college kids outside the White House last night to people who will actually say (and this I find stunning), OK, we got him, let’s leave Afghanistan

I thought Hillary Clinton’s remarks this morning addressed that rather nicely:

Here at the State Department, we have worked to forge a worldwide anti-terror network. We have drawn together the effort and energy of friends, partners, and allies on every continent. Our partnerships, including our close cooperation with Pakistan, have helped put unprecedented pressure on al-Qaida and its leadership. Continued cooperation will be just as important in the days ahead, because even as we mark this milestone, we should not forget that the battle to stop al-Qaida and its syndicate of terror will not end with the death of bin Ladin. Indeed, we must take this opportunity to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts.

In Afghanistan, we will continue taking the fight to al-Qaida and their Taliban allies, while working to support the Afghan people as they build a stronger government and begin to take responsibility for their own security. We are implementing the strategy for transition approved by NATO at the summit in Lisbon, and we supporting an Afghan-led political process that seeks to isolate al-Qaida and end the insurgency. Our message to the Taliban remains the same, but today it may have even greater resonance: You cannot wait us out. You cannot defeat us. But you can make the choice to abandon al-Qaida and participate in a peaceful political process….

Indeed, to the extent that the death of bin Laden sends a useful message to the world — to our friends and enemies — is that we will NOT give up. It’s about continuity and persistence. And it’s a powerful message. This is a time for following up the advantage provided by demoralization among the Taliban and al Qaeda at this moment, a moment created by the death of that movement’s chief symbol. Secretary Clinton explains it well.

8 thoughts on “Sec. Clinton helps point way to what’s next

  1. bud

    This is a time for following up the advantage provided by demoralization among the Taliban and al Qaeda at this moment …

    Why? They pose us no particular harm. Time to set a date for a full withdrawal and stick with it not for more war, death and destruction.

  2. bud

    Barney Frank suggested we get the banner saying Mission Accomplished and fly it from the White House. This really is a great day for the Obama Administration. It shows what a hard working, thoughtful president can do when presented with a range of options. Kennedy did the same thing during the Cuban Missle Crisis. And Bill Clinton was focused during the terrorist attempt to blow up LAX on 12/31/99. After 8 years of bumbling through misguided wars and a complete failure to apprehend Bin Laden it’s refreshing to know that our current president can adroitly utilize our well-trained special ops forces to seize the moment and succeed in a bold mission without creating a big mess. The folks on the right will never give Obama credit for anything and others will only grudgingly give him a token bit of gratitude as the commander in chief. But let’s be clear. This is why we elect presidents. Not to bumble through the reading of My Pet Goat while the nation is under attack. Nor is it to trade arms for hostages or send our brave young marines into a hopeless situation to get massacred. The president’s job is to sort through the options and act as a leader willing to take risks, but only those risks that give an opportunity for great success. Kennedy, Clinton and Obama have shown their leadership ability during difficult times. Sadly not all our presidents showed this tactful and important leadership qualities. George W. Bush in particular proved to be a failure when the test came. I’m very proud to be an American today and proud to call Barack Obama my President.

  3. bud

    bud is indeed a proud Democrat, but not in the sense that nothing they do is ever wrong. And there are quite a few conservative policies that I favor. But the GOP has just become a lunatic asylum. Democrats offer us the best hope. I just wish there was a reasonable alternative party.

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