That’s the way it should ALWAYS be, guys

In talking about working with Jim Clyburn and Lindsey Graham on getting the money for the port deepening study, Tim Scott said,

“When it comes to addressing the needs of South Carolina, there are no Republicans and no Democrats. There is only Team South Carolina.”

Yeah, well — that’s the way it should be on EVERYTHING you do as an elected official. There should be nothing remarkable about it.

Just thought I’d point that out… Maybe even Jim DeMint will read it.

3 thoughts on “That’s the way it should ALWAYS be, guys

  1. Steven Davis

    @Joanne – I don’t know, can Clyburn talk without saying “uh” 500 times in a 2 minute conversation?

  2. virginia

    Naw, his fundamentalist ideology and arrogance undermines his country and state. His loyalties to the “C Street Family” acerbate the misery index of his fellow man and has no remorse. As you may know, his friend Sen.Ensign has need of sympathy and support. Then before that, he’d been holding prayer meetings for that other “C Street Family” friend. The ex-Gov.who drove SC into a ditch and helped our state rival Zimbabwe’s economy.

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