The Harpootlian offensive begins

I told you over the weekend that Dick Harpootlian said he was going to run right out and start raising money.

It seems he’s already spending it. The above video was just released. Not sure why NOW exactly, except that Dick couldn’t wait. Maybe it’s timed for the GOP debate tonight, or the convention this weekend. Regarding that debate, Harpootlian said,

The only candidates Republicans can get to show up for their debate tonight are a bunch of no-names and crazies.

Not so sure about THAT. But it’s definitely a B-team lineup. Maybe C-team. But hey, there will be a big crowd. After all, Ron Paul will be there, and you know how his fans are…

And no, I’m not going. I intend to go to the convention this weekend, though.

16 thoughts on “The Harpootlian offensive begins

  1. Doug Ross

    Why do you seem to give Harpootlian a pass on the partisan smears?

    Ron Paul is what Harpootlian would like to be when he grows up.

  2. Doug Ross

    Or a simpler question: Do you think Dick Harpootlian is good for the advancement of public policy that benefits the people of South Carolina?

  3. Ralph Hightower

    Just 1350 days left in SC Governot Nikki Haley’s term.

    If Harpootlian keeps it up for that long, Haley will be mud; or she would’ve done a Sarah Palin and quit halfway through.

    “Gosh darn! Governing is hard work!”

  4. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    I think that having a viable Democratic Party is a good thing (and if this were a Democratic stronghold, I’d say the same about a Republican party) and Harpo appears to be our best chance.

  5. Brad

    I didn’t know I was giving him a pass. I thought I was reporting on it.

    And Doug, Dick Harpootlian doesn’t WANT to grow up…

    Interesting question about Dick being good for public policy. My answer would be “no.” I mean, based on past performance.

    I think the reason Dems elected him was not so much that they think he’s good for policy, but that they think the Republicans are worse, and they’re tired of losing to them.

    Which, as I say, should give one pause: To what lengths are you going to to win? But I said that before. And I don’t really expect partisans to listen…

  6. Doug Ross


    Viability should be based on the advancement of sound policy ideas not on trying to tear down individuals with smears and half-truths.

    Win the debate, not the mud slinging contest.

  7. JoeyOppermann

    Harpootlian IS good for public policy. If he is able to strengthen Democrats and weaken and discredit Republicans, the result in SC wont be so much Democratic dominance as a rebalancing towards a two party system. That’s what we had during the Cambell/Beasley/Hodges era and it led to better policy outcomes. While the SCGOP has no competition, it will grow more extreme and unresponsive. If a two party system develops again, then both parties will be forced to nominate quality candidates and that should lead to better policy outcomes. Republicans hold the power, and they need an outside force to fear to keep them honest. They should fear Harpootlian.

  8. Brad

    As you can see, Democrats are trying to rationalize this. No offense, Kathryn and Joey. Human nature…

  9. JoeyOppermann

    Hahaha. There is nothing rational about the one party system we have now, Brad. It was bad when there were only Dems and its bad now too. Competition is good. And there will be competition.

  10. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Look, I adore Fritz Hollings and ALex Sanders, two other smart Democrats who shoot their mouths off apparently indiscriminately. Do you think their logorrhea in any way hindered them?

  11. Brad

    I like what Susanna King said to me about the GOP debate on Facebook: “Not surprised it sold out. Ron Paul is going to be there, and he’s like the Tea Party’s Justin Bieber.”

    Only without the hair. Thank goodness.

  12. Doug Ross

    Ron Paul has raised over a half million dollars online TODAY. Is there another candidate who has that level of grassroots support?

    He was the only Republican to call the economic collapse (while McCain and Rudy mocked him).

    Non interventionist, sound money policy, and freedom for everyone. What’s not to like?

  13. SusanG

    @Kathryn, I admit I’ve never seen Brad in person, so maybe he just has a certain way with the camera…but when I think of Brad, “emo” and “Brad” are on opposite ends of the spectrum!

  14. Jim Duffy

    Harpootlian is South Carolina’s Howard Dean. Big mouth large enough for his foot. However, he will be out front and create a stir and that, apparently, is what the Democrat Party wants. He will agitate and say too much that offends people and then backtrack. We will hear quite a biot of how bad the Republicans are and those that are Dems will agree and those that are Reps will not agree. An old song, “Big Noise from Winnetka” is what we will have.

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