The Second Battle of Amazon, with a different outcome

Had to type that headline three times. Fingers kept wanting to hit X instead of Z. Oh well; at least it’s easier to spell than “Manassas.”

Ever since this started heating back up last week, I’ve been meaning to do a post on it so we can discuss it. But so much has been happening that by the time I get set to react to one development, there are several more. There’s crazy buzz about it.

An hour or so ago someone Tweeted:

Reporter at Statehouse just saw Commerce Secretary Bobby Hitt come out of secret meeting with House GOPers and Gov. Haley over Amazon.

… to which I responded, “Secret?” Which drew the response, “They’re met behind closed doors. They kicked our dude out. Not illegal, just out of sight.”

Anyway, here’s the latest, from that same source:

S.C. House has reversed course and has APPROVED tax-collection exemption for Amazon.

Boy, that happened fast, didn’t it? Just goes to illustrate something I say all the time in the face of Conventional Wisdom that this or that is going to happen, or this or that will never happen in politics: Anything can happen. It’s never over. The Fat Lady can screech all she wants.

John O’Connor reports that “35 Republicans and 17 Democrats switched their Amazon vote from April 27.” And Will Folks says “@nikkihaley also told the Caucus that she would not ‘hold it against them’ if they voted for Amazon.” Nothing like leadership, huh? But all I have for you about today’s developments are these bits and pieces.

I don’t know what happens next, either, beyond it needing to go to the Senate. But I thought I’d give y’all this chance to talk about it. For fuel, here’s a recent news story about the resurrection of the debate, and here’s another and here’s another. And here’s the latest attempt by Amazon to sweeten the deal. And here’s a radio ad from opponents.

So, what do y’all think?

9 thoughts on “The Second Battle of Amazon, with a different outcome

  1. Mark Stewart

    It’s poker folks; the House just folded on a strong hand. Why? ‘Cause they second guessed their stand on good public policy.

    This was a forgone conclusion when Amazon announced they were “stopping work” after the last vote and too many people started wringing their hands in agnst. As if Amazon wasn’t the one in the squeeze…

  2. Barry

    I’ll say the same thing I did before –

    Refusing Amazon doesn’t make sense. They don’t collect sales taxes now. They won’t be collecting them in South Carolina regardless.

    So turning their offer down to create jobs here only hurts South Carolina.

  3. Ralph Hightower

    Nothing like a woman with a spine, or in SC Governot Nikki Haley’s case, the spine of a jellyfish.


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