What Americans think about killing bin Laden

This graphic about a USA Today poll just came in over the transom, so I share it.

I mean, it doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t know, but I realize some people like to see things quantified.

One thing I wondered about, as someone who has been involved over the years in the production of a lot of graphics: Why did they feel it necessary to use the full name, “Osama bin Laden,” over and over? Is it because the poll questions were worded that way? I guess so. It’s just that it comes across as odd, all lumped into the same graphic.

4 thoughts on “What Americans think about killing bin Laden

  1. Kathy

    It’s interesting to me that regardless what the question is, there are always some people who have no opinion.

  2. Brad

    Thanks for mentioning that! I had meant to say… I wonder, how many among the 2 percent who responded “don’t know/refused to answer” actually DIDN’T KNOW?

  3. Nick Nielsen

    I’ve been contacted for Yes/No surveys before. If you aren’t solidly Yes or No, you go into the “No opinion/don’t know” box.

    Personally, I’d like that one broken out into “No Opinion” and “Don’t know.”


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