What’s a Mook? Another email from the DCCC

Got yet another one of those irritating fundraising emails from the national Democrats. This one, after bragging about getting $212,231 from having whipped up the faithful over the GOP’s “reprehensible anti-choice bill that could force sexual assault victims to recount their attack to an IRS auditor,” sought an emotional reaction over another topic:

Republicans are still backing an outrageous plan to end Medicare while preserving tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires, and Big Oil companies making record profits. I even received an e-mail from the Republican National Committee asking me to show my support for deep cuts to the health care benefits that seniors have earned. Not a chance.

But the thing that got me, as it has before, was that the author was Robby Mook, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s executive director.

Which always makes me think of the scene below. Language warning: “Mook” is far from being the most offensive term used in this clip. We’re talking language I don’t let people use on this blog, normally. But hey, it’s Scorcese:

One thought on “What’s a Mook? Another email from the DCCC

  1. Brad

    Oh, boy, I missed this one from over the weekend (still plowing through my INbox for the last few days)… I got another DCCC email from Nancy Pelosi. This one was headlined “The Republican War on Women.”

    Really. These parties say things like this with NO winking or nudging or apparent consciousness of how over the top it is.

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