Tweeting the GOP debate…

I’ll just keep coming back here and adding them as I Tweet them

  • Oh, no. This debate is even more tedious and cliche-ridden than I feared. Help me: Wasn’t politics more serious than this when I started?
  • I’m pretty sure politics didn’t used to insult my, and everyone else’s, intelligence to this extent…
  • Bachmann just blamed media for portraying the Tea Party as… what it is. So far, all are bowing down to TP. Where’d all the Republicans go?
  • ??? “@PeterHambyCNN: larger audience now seeing why Bachmann draws more energized GOP crowds in IA, NH, SC than anyone else in the field”
  • Consensus on Twitter seems to be that Bachmann is doing WELL! Wow…
  • Why does Romney have that expression? Are the lights hurting his eyes?
  • Felt sorry for Santorum just then. Leno or Conan? Really?!?!
  • America, I am embarrassed on your behalf. It’s OK; you don’t have to thank me…
  • They just keep going on and on about what they perceive as Bush’s mistakes. What HAS happened to Republicans?
  • Got to hand it to both Romney and Bachmann, though, for having the honesty to say the things they criticize WERE done by Bush…
  • Still waiting, after two years and more, to hear these Tea Partiers explain what THEY would have done instead of TARP…
  • What’s with the “unh… anh… ah… grunt… um… ah…” Is that the moderator? Could he cut that out, already?
  • Pawlenty wants the government out of crony capitalism. Indeed. Save crony capitalism for the crony capitalists!
  • Maybe Romney always had that squint and perpetual pained smile. Did he? 2008 was so long ago now; it’s hard to remember…
  • Break time! Yes! I think I’ll heat up dinner…
  • Dang; I was doing laundry back when the Elvis-Cash question came. Sounds like a really unfair question. Only right answer is “both.”
  • Each time, they’re going for the more “conservative” answer — Leno, Blackberry. Interesting word association; I apologize for mocking it…
  • Coke vs. Pepsi would be hard. Coke is elitist (and therefore anti-TP), but the Pepsi Generation was in the wicked 60s…
  • People are failing to understand that the Blackberry is a more “conservative” device than an iPhone. But then, Ron Paul isn’t a conservative
  • @mattheusmei Ron Paul HATES the military-industrial complex. No surprise there…
  • At the GOP debate in Columbia in 2007, Ron Paul stuck WAY out as an outlier, not a real Republican. Now he sounds mainstream up there…
  • And Ron Paul didn’t change, by the way. The party did…
  • @ccslick I said, “up there.” On that stage. He doesn’t stand out the way he did four years ago, when he was not considered Republican…
  • Come on, Romney — the problem isn’t that Obama isn’t being a leader. He’s just leading where you don’t want to go. Isn’t that the problem?
  • I’d like to hear a scholarly comparison of the accents of Bachmann, Palin, and Frances McDormand in “Fargo”…
  • Paul says you can’t teach people to be moral. He should have told me that before my wife and I tried raising those five kids…
  • NO FAIR asking Cain a pizza question!
  • @SCHotline Might as well ask Ron Paul a Libertarian Party question…
  • Bachmann keeps saying scary stuff, like “I’m running for president of the United States…”
  • Paul: “Get the government out” of marriage? What? What? What does he think marriage is? A secret agreement between 2 people? It’s a CONTRACT!
  • Yeah, Santorum is pro-life. But the people of PA preferred the other pro-life candidate, Bob Casey. Explain THAT…
  • No, Mitt — we DON’T understand that you’re pro-life. We do have access to YouTube, you know…
  • 27 thoughts on “Tweeting the GOP debate…

    1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

      Palin has a more western twang than northern midwest. She’s droppin’ gs and it’s not as musical as the Minnesota accent.

    2. Doug Ross

      Paul was right in 2007 (especially when compared to McCain and Rudy)… and he’s more right now.

      If you’re serious about evaluating the candidates, read his latest book, don’t rely on 30 second soundbites.

    3. Scout

      I missed the debate but it was kind of fun to imagine it just from reading the twitter comments.

    4. Norm Ivey

      I saw it. Ron Paul was sincerely sincere, which I think is part of his appeal. Newt was strong on the immigration question–chastising the candidates and the media for trying to simplify a complex problem. Romney looked the part, but did not impress me. Cain would be a good motivational speaker, but I don’t think he’s ready for the presidency. Santorum and Pawlenty are interchangeable. I’m afraid Bachmann thinks the entire nation has a Tea Party point of view.

      Most of them missed the point of the question about whether the Republicans should slow down (except Newt–he answered well) with their Medicare voucher plans. It was interesting to hear how many of them were ready to get out of Afghanistan. I expected it of Paul, but Newt said let’s get out as well. Most answers were variations on the theme of Obamacare is bad or government is bad. Imagine!

      I’m unlikely to vote for any of them because I’m satisfied that things are going in the right direction (if slowly), but Newt was the winner if there was one.

    5. bud

      I have to give a round of applause for anyone who actually sat through that disgusting display. These candidate seem to be in a race to the bottom. I actually regarded Tim Palenty as a reasonable sort; afterall he’s from blue MN. But after hearing him defend this outrageous nonsense about 5% growth for 10 years AFTER cutting the government sector you just can’t take him seriously.

      And then there’s ole Romney trying his best to differetiate his health care plan from Obama’s. He does point out that it doesn’t shift money from Medicare. Duh, it’s a state plan. Geez do these people think we’re that stupid.

      And then we have Newt yacking about how it’s not just the president but congress that’s important to the law making process. Seriously that was beyond absurd. Of course that’s true but what does it have to do with a presidential debate? Sort of like saying trying to decide the best flour for your biscuit recipe then launching into a lecture on the need for butter and eggs to make them.

      Then there was the gay marriage question. Worst moment in debate history, or at least a candidate for that dishonor. Everyone but Cain thought there should be a constitutional ammendment to ban gay marriage. Not sure what Bachmann wants to do with it. First she said it was a state issue then interupted everyone else to say she favored an ammendment. And these people claim to be strong supporters of the tenth ammendment??? And of course there was Ron Paul. WTF was with that answer about getting government out of the process? Seriously can he be taken seriously by anyone with a brain anymore?

      After that exchange I had had enough and turned it. Why waste my time watching these guys try to outdo each other bashing the POTUS.

    6. Brad

      Yeah, if I just wanted to use the same, simple, predictable words over and over, I’d be a Republican presidential candidate.

      I’m just basing this on that debate last night…

    7. bud

      I remember during the 2008 Democratic debates a generous amount of Bush bashing. And he certainly deserved it. But I don’t recall such a complete lack of substance from Clinton, Obama, Biden, Edwards and the rest. Maybe I’ll have to find a Youtube version of those debates. On health care in particular the candidates seemed to engage in a genuine give and take on what we should do. Last night all I heard was how awful Obamacare is. Not much on what the candidates would actually do to replace it. Maybe that will come later.

    8. Brad

      By the way, in case y’all noticed that my Tweets seemed to stop about half an hour before the debated ended… you didn’t see this Tweet:

      “Oops… Gotta run. My daughter and family just pulled into my driveway, having driven all the way from Oklahoma…”

      From about 9:30 on, I was helping them unload (they had to run turn in a rental), getting people something to eat, then later running out to the airport to pick up my wife, back from Memphis after her high school reunion.

      A whole bunch of my family has been out of town for the past week, and I’ve been bach-ing it, to use a cheesy expression. Now they’re back, and another daughter is heading to California tonight. And I just sit around here, vegetating. Oh, that’s all right; Dad doesn’t ever need to go anywhere interesting…

    9. Brad

      Oh, by the way. Burl and I have a big HS reunion coming up in a few months. Know where it’s gonna be?

      Vegas, baby, Vegas.

    10. Doug T

      I’m a politics junkie, but after listening to the responses to the question of allowing Muslim cabinet members/judges, while the camera panned to the all white audience shaking their heads in the affirmative, I had to turn off the TV.


    11. bud

      After watching part of the debate last night it’s time for the latest update on the “bud” handicapping of the GOP field. Here is how I rate each candidates odds of winning the GOP nomination for POTUS:

      Romney – 2 to 3 (the clear favorite)
      Bachmann – 4 to 1 (Reasonable showing in debate)
      Perry – 5 to 1 (Should get it soon if he wants a shot)
      Huntsman – 6 to 1 (His no-show at the debate probably helped his cause)
      Pawlenty – 8 to 1 (Dull as dishwater. Needs to liven up)
      Cain – 15 to 1 (Everyone’s second choice)
      Santorum 25 to 1 (Has not made his case)
      Palin 30 to 1 (Fading fast as Bachmann takes over the crazy faction of the GOP)
      Paul 40 to 1 (Seems old and far less interesting than before)
      Gingrich 50 to 1 (Needs to get out before embarrasing himself further)

    12. Steven Davis

      So a high school class doesn’t have their class reunion in the city of their high school, but has it in Las Vegas??? What fun is that, part of the fun of going to a reunion is revisiting places you probably haven’t seen for 40 years.

    13. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

      I guess the cost of getting to Hawaii must be prohibitive if few alums still live there….

    14. Brad

      By the way, if you want to see some really FUNNY Tweets about the debate, look at these.

      My favorite:
      “I would pay all of my money to watch what happens when someone puts a glass down at Bachmann’s house without using a coaster. #tweetthepress”

    15. Brad

      I just looked at that again, and it cracked me up again…

      Of course, now I realize that one of the ladies (or a true sensitive gentleman) on the blog is going to say I’m laughing because, well, the joke implies the “B” word.

      Whatever. It just, in a flash, encapsulated something about Bachmann that had a hilarious ring of truth. For instance… nobody would say that about Sarah Palin, even though they are often compared. Can’t see her going ballistic over rings on the furniture. Same thing with, say, Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine her caring? No. (Although I CAN imagine Bill C. putting a coaster down after messing up, to cover the mark, just in case… “It depends on what the meaning of ‘coaster’ is…”)

      So it’s not about WOMEN.

      But there’s something about Ms. Bachmann that makes that funny. You picture the scene. You see the look in her eye…

    16. Brad

      You know, I saw something about “The ‘L’ Word” the other day, and I thought it was about the shameful secret of being a liberal…

      You can tell I live in South Carolina.

    17. Steven Davis

      If the cost to go to Hawaii was prohibitive, then why hold it in Lost Wages? Vegas isn’t exactly a cheap vacation either, especially if you stay over a weekend when room rates triple.

    18. Steven Davis

      What’s the “L” word?
      – Liberal
      – Lesbian
      – Leotard
      – Love

      Interesting that we have a “B” word, an “F” word, an “N” word, an “R” word and now an “L” word. Maybe Webster needs to revise his dictionary to put these all on the front page.

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