Two jolly fellows enjoy a moment in the sun

I remember speaking to Kelly Payne when I was standing with Sen. John Courson at the Huntsman event the other day, but I had forgotten she was holding a camera at the time, until she tagged me on this photo on Facebook.

No, I don’t know what we were laughing at at the time. But I like the picture. See how jolly we were. People almost never catch me like this in pictures. I don’t let them, if I can help it.

Remember how I complained about how hot it was at this event. Well, as you can see, I did everything I could in terms of dressing for the weather. There are, I realize, some people who would suggest taking of one’s coat, but what is one to say about such jacobins?

27 thoughts on “Two jolly fellows enjoy a moment in the sun

  1. bud

    What it heavens name is with that powder blue leisure suit!!! Time to turn the page on the old desk calender to 2011. We can’t live in the 70s forever. Lord knows I’ve tried.

  2. Andrew Williams

    PS — I see Frank Barron is be hind you. Glad he was not needed for any ” coroner services” that the heat might have caused. (And I like the suit! Wear it often.)

  3. Steven Davis

    bud – that’s not a leisure suit, it’s a seersucker suit. It’s the fabric of choice among Southern snobbery.

  4. `Kathryn Fenner

    Seersucker (sort of) breathes and yet hides wrinkles, unlike linen or cotton poplin. (it’s much better when it’s not lined–I had a great jacket that was unlined–really wasn’t too hot to wear in the summer.) Makes sense when a suit is required….which is not when one is outdoors in extreme heat, unless one is Republican or trying to pass for one…

  5. Brad

    I take exception to your suggestion that if a gentleman wears proper attire, he is a Republican, either genuine or faux…

    Society is just falling apart; that’s all I can say…

  6. `Kathryn Fenner

    Democrats wear business suits very nicely–but not when something more suitable is called for–like a bathing suit! Upper 90s = No business suit.

    Maybe the A/C didn’t work in their fancy new building?

  7. Doug Ross

    I think Kathryn figured out what you two were laughing about: someone probably suggested you were both Republicans.

  8. `Kathryn Fenner

    @ Andrew Williams, I forgive you–you did such a great job on Moon River and Happy Heart.

  9. bud

    Fifty years from now if someone was looking at that photograph and tried to date it they would probably say something like 1982. Look at Brad’s huge glasses and seersucker suit. Courson isn’t much different with that beige suit and dated tie. Perhaps the tie would date it a bit later. Then there’s Brad’s hair. Seems a bit long for 2011. The one thing that might give it away as a more recent photo is the quality of the image. Most pictures I’ve seen from the late 70s – early 80s are just not that sharpe and crisp. Maybe this could be a scene from a period piece movie made in the 2000s about a political event that took place in 1982.

  10. Brad

    1982? 1982? Now, THAT is insulting. 1882, maybe. 1922, I’d be OK with. But not 1982.

    I’m going to have to dig up a picture of myself in 1982 to show y’all the difference. Until then, here’s one of me in 1987…

  11. Brad

    Don’t care. His hair is deliberately tousled.

    Hair should be inadvertently tousled, or not at all.

    And I would not wear a pink tie. Not a macho thing. I just they they are ugly. Don’t much like ties with light blue in them, either. Ties should be definite colors, like navy and deep red. Burgundy, that sort of thing. Yellow is good, too, if it’s done right.

  12. `Kathryn Fenner

    He’s a caterer–it’s the uniform they wear, and it’s a current show–so it’s tousled….

    Yellow is the power tie, no?

  13. Brad

    People used to say the power tie was red. Then they started saying yellow. I don’t know. I just try to wear what seems to go with the shirt and the suit.

  14. `Kathryn Fenner

    and a yellow bow tie with orange and green polka dots goes with a blue and white seersucker suit?


  15. Steven Davis

    Yellow ties and blue shirts were a yuppie and preppy fad. Bowties were a fad in the 1960’s and 1970’s… it was cute to dress your 5 year old up in them.

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