Lee Bandy was at Rotary today!

I was blessed with a pleasant surprise today at the Columbia Rotary Club meeting — Lee Bandy! He was there as a guest of member Joe Jones.

It was awesome to get to see Lee, my good friend and longtime colleague — tanned, rested and ready. More than two decades ago, the guy had to put up with me as his editor, and he’s never held it against me.

For you youngsters, Lee was the dean of SC political journalism until his retirement four or five years ago. Who replaced him as dean? Well, they retired the position.

8 thoughts on “Lee Bandy was at Rotary today!

  1. Mona

    Wow! That picture makes me happy. You ever have one of those gut feelings, and you Google someone’s name just to make sure nothing horrible has happened. Well I just Googled Lee and found this note and picture. He looks great. Thanks for sharing, Brad! And next time you see Lee, give him my best.

  2. Brad

    Several other former colleagues have also expressed their pleasure, via social media, at seeing Lee here: Gina Smith, Adam Beam, Jeff Miller, Michelle Davis, John O’Connor…

  3. KP

    One of a kind. The very face of what was best about newspapers before they became what they are today. I miss Leland A. Bandy.

  4. Cindi Scoppe

    What a coincidence: I saw Lee and Mary at lunch Sunday, and we had a delightful chat. I miss him too.

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