Press a button, and your iPhone shouts ‘You lie!’

Had to smile at this release about Joe Wilson going all high-tech:

Dear Subscriber,

Today, I am excited to tell you of the newest way you can stay in touch with the campaign by getting the latest updates, news, and stories: a new mobile application available for free to anyone with a smart phone.

As you all know, I love staying in touch with as many of you as I possibly can. This application is designed for just that purpose.   It allows me to reach out to you and post updates on local campaign events in your area, different ways for you and your friends to get involved with the campaign, and opportunities for me to visit with you in your community as well as news on the Second Congressional District of South Carolina.

Other features of the app include: interactive poll questions and direct feedback with me. I am also planning to launch a live video chat service in the future that I am very excited about.

In order to save this application to your phone, all you need to do is open up a webpage from your smart phone and visit  The mobile website will automatically redirect you to instructions on how to bookmark the application on your phone for future use.

I look forward to getting to know you better, and I hope you will join me by using your smart phone to visit


Joe Wilson
U.S. Congressman

Actually, back to my intro, does anybody say “high-tech” any more? I think that term was trendy in Esquire back in the ’70s. I need to update myself. Maybe Joe could help me…

One thought on “Press a button, and your iPhone shouts ‘You lie!’

  1. Nick Nielsen

    High tech is that new computer/phone/electronic gadget you want because your current gadget is obsolete.

    Your new high-tech toy becomes obsolete in the amount of time it takes your credit transaction to process.

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