We can go where we like, but Haley BFF Eleanor Kitzman is going to Texas

The best historical marker in the world is on the Madison County courthouse square in Jackson, TN. It tells what Davy Crockett told a group of voters, standing in that spot, after being defeated for re-election to Congress:

You can go to hell, but I am going to Texas!

Today, we have a similar case in South Carolina. Eleanor Kitzman, head of the Budget and Control board and the most passionate, emotional defender of Gov. Nikki Haley I’ve run across yet, is leaving us to go work for Rick Perry:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The director of the South Carolina agency that oversees much of state government operations has resigned, six months after Gov. Nikki Haley picked her for the job, to take a role in government in her home state of Texas.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office announced Wednesday that Eleanor Kitzman will start her job as that state’s insurance commissioner on Aug. 15. Her term there is set to expire in February 2013.

“I’m confident that Eleanor’s expertise in the insurance industry will make her a strong advocate for insurance customers in Texas,” Perry said in a release.

Kitzman, a 54-year-old Houston native, did not immediately return messages Wednesday evening.

12 thoughts on “We can go where we like, but Haley BFF Eleanor Kitzman is going to Texas

  1. Steven Davis

    This state government is so screwed up right now that it’s almost comical. If you aren’t being investigated, you’re about to be… if you’re in a governor appointed position, you probably won’t be for long (your choice)… if you are elected, you may be recalled. Is there any other state in the country that is this screwed up? Then it trickles down to the counties and then to the cities. All one has to do is watch the news to see corruption from the state level down to the local level these days. I’m just glad that I don’t call South Carolina my home state and can laugh at the stupidity I’m witnessing. 10 more years… 10 more years and I’m packing my bags and leaving this overgrown insane asylum.

  2. Brad

    You know, that IS my favorite historical marker ever, but it’s not good to look at it too closely. It needed an editor. There should be a comma after “reelection,” and also after “went to Texas.”

    Then, there’s the question of whether it’s OK to spell “re-elect” without a hyphen…

  3. Brad

    Mab, you’re right, according to the rules.

    But I was never much of a rules editor. I’m more of a gut editor. Those missing commas that I mentioned shout out their absence, whereas the rule violation you cite is in no way a barrier to communication or aesthetics.

    In fact, I must confess I have not always followed that rule. I’ve been known to deliberately ignore it, in cases in which I felt like the addition of a comma unduly slowed down my sentence.

  4. Brad

    As for the Bobby Hitt report…

    Well, I don’t know who is being quoted, because Will is not hobbled by the old-style MSM conventions about sourcing and confirmation.

    But it would not shock me terribly if the account were true, or partly true.

    The one part of the report that strains credulity is “Bobby is tight-lipped by nature.”

    Bobby is smart. He’s tactical, even strategic, in what he says. But “tight-lipped?” Must be some other guy…

  5. Steven Davis

    One thing that I do like about Will Folks is that he every state politician by the (censored). He’s one of the few people that local politicians must fear ending up on his blog. More times than not what he writes is true and more than just speculation. He may not be MSM, but he sure does have a lot of information/dirt on a lot of powerful people.

  6. Cicero

    “…Will is not hobbled by the old-style MSM conventions about sourcing and confirmation.”

    He’s also not hobbled by having to stick to the truth, or anything close to the truth.

  7. `Kathryn Fenner

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day–Folks is wrong so often, that one would be foolhardy to attach credence to his “reports” without independent confirmation.

  8. Ralph Hightower

    Good, with Haley accolyte gone, there is no reason for Governot Haley to keep the Budget and Control Board and create a Department of Administration.

    I don’t understand why she opposed the Senate plan to eliminate the BCB to create the DOA.

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