Burl’s photo of quake devastation

Burl Burlingame gave us a link to this back on a previous post, but I thought I’d make it more visible. He posted it on Facebook yesterday. Here is his caption:

This just in, the first images of the earthquake devastation in Virginia

Such is the bemusement with which our friends who live in Volcanoland view our excitement yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Burl’s photo of quake devastation

  1. Brad

    Originally, the headline said “exclusive photo.” I removed that, after Cindi Scoppe shared the same picture with me, with the caption that it showed earthquake devastation here in Columbia.

    I’ve referred this matter to this blog’s crack Back-Burner Investigations Division, and I’ll let you know when the boys get to the bottom of this glaring contradiction. Someone is lying to someone. I’m sure Burl and Cindi are just innocent victims in all this.

    Don’t expect an answer tonight. The lads in BBID have an extensive backlog. Also, they’ve heard there’s some good stuff on TV tonight.

  2. Mab

    I first saw the photo on a tweet reported at the Houston Chronicle — shortly after the tremors.

    “Evil Dwight the IT Guy” knows all, tells nothing.

  3. Burl Burlingame

    I got it from a chat group — a guy posted it in all seriousness from VA, but then I (and probably a million others) were so amused that we reposted it, and it went viral. I may not be Patient Zero in this, but I’m in the low digits. Sorry, world.


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