Kevin Fisher cites our Kathryn. Not sure how she feels about it (you know how touchy liberals are)

Catching up on my e-mail, I finally ran across a message calling my attention to this in Kevin Fisher’s column last week:

Nor was the debut performance of Benjamin-Runyan Marionette Theater hailed in the city’s liberal enclaves. Prominent wine and cheese activist Kathryn Fenner made clear she wanted none of it. Kidding aside about the political climate of the Shandon-University Hill area, Fenner is a woman who is both well informed and highly involved in city matters.

Posting on on July 21, Fenner revived concerns about Runyan’s 2008 campaign against Rickenmann, saying she felt Runyan had unfairly criticized both Rickenmann and City Manager Steve Gantt during that race…

Only comment from Kathryn so far is that she finds this categorization “inexplicable.” In my experience, you have to watch it with such comments about liberals. As accurate as it may be.

I once referred in a column to liberals as people you might encounter at a wine and cheese reception at a local art gallery (I forget the exact words) and the resident liberal on the editorial board (long gone now) got offended by it. Which surprised me.

But she was so sensitive. You know how those people are.

Of course, I didn’t change it or anything.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Fisher cites our Kathryn. Not sure how she feels about it (you know how touchy liberals are)

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    Ah, so “wine-and-cheese activist” means “liberal activist”–okay, I’ll take it. I prefer “community activist” or “community organizer”–the attempted disparagement by then-Governor Sarah Palin of Barack Obama, effectively rejoined by “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    I’m not much on wine and cheese–cheese is okay, but I’m not much on wine….and I think I’ve only been to one or two art gallery openings in my life….

  2. Mab

    Kathryn, not to put you on the spot without answering myself — Rick Perry is the one I *most don’t want as a president* if I have to pick an R one.


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