Ricky Bobby gonna pray to the Jesus HE likes

This kind of cracked me up, even though I remain puzzled. Corey Hutchins Tweeted this out about 20 minutes ago:

Favorite scene from this week: @BradWarthen puzzled by a blank-faced John Rainey when his ‘Ricky Bobby reference’ went thud at Starbucks.

Corey always gets a kick out of me being confused and disconcerted.

But here’s what happened. I was at the Gervais Street Starbucks a couple of days ago (see that, Starbucks? yet another product placement, and y’all still haven’t bought an ad from me!), and they were done with the bold for the day and had to do me a pourover, so I went to the end of the counter to wait for it, and there I saw Corey and John. John was apparently filling in Corey on deep, dark political secrets or something.

Somehow we got on the subject of Rick Perry and his idiosyncracies, and someone (John? Corey?) said something about Perry praying to the Baby Jesus. I had not heard about that. My reaction was, “What? You mean, like Ricky Bobby?” Corey laughed, but as soon as I said it, I realized that John Stringer Rainey, sitting there in his pink-and-white seersucker suit looking every bit the Old Line South Carolina patrician that he is, probably did not go to see “Talladega Nights.” And you know, you feel kind of stupid even trying to explain something as dumb as Ricky Bobby to someone who isn’t interested, because it makes you look kinda lowbrow. So we moved on to another topic.

I still don’t know where the Baby Jesus reference came from. Google hasn’t shown it to me…

But whatever. Shake ‘n’ Bake!

2 thoughts on “Ricky Bobby gonna pray to the Jesus HE likes

  1. Ralph Hightower

    Hey, I’ve been to 28 Hooters Restaurants in 14 states!

    Do you think I could get any endorsements from Hooters?

    Earlier this month at the Harbison location, I had a waitress that didn’t know that there was a Space Station and that six people were living in it. Today, I had lunch at the Two Notch location and she asked me if I worked for NASA. I was wearing a NASA polo shirt and cap.

    No, I wish I did. Then she said that she went to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. So I shared the pictures that I took of the launch and landing of the final Space Shuttle mission.

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