Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 29, 2011

Today, I went to a press conference at which Alan Wilson endorsed Jon Huntsman, and then heard Jim DeMint speak to Rotary. So am I writing about those today? No. You kidding? As I’ve explained many times, on days that I make time from my jobby-job to actually go cover stuff, I don’t have time to write about said stuff.

But until I do have time, here are your headlines. Then I’ve got to go meet the fam for dinner:

  1. Gaddafi family ‘flee to Algeria’ (BBC) — Not sure about the man himself, who is proving harder to find than Waldo.
  2. Dow Surges 254, Nearing Break-Even Point for Year (WSJ) — ‘Cause I knew you wanted some GOOD news…
  3. Inland Floods in Northeast May Be Irene’s Biggest Impact (NYT) — The continuing Irene saga.
  4. N.Y. Subway Back; Other Transit Rumbles to Life (NYT) — Hated to hear when this happened. You know I love me some NYC subway.
  5. Katrina Housing Battle Continues (NPR) — Lest we forget that earlier one.
  6. Man faces charges in USC professor’s killing ( — A local crime story I expect you’ll hear more about. Happened in Shandon.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 29, 2011

  1. bud

    At first Irene seemed like a far less damaging storm, especially in places like NYC, than was hyped by the media. But with the horendous reports of flooding in Vermont and elsewhere this could end up with a gigantic price tag. With a death toll in the 30s and counting it’s turning into a big event. Just not where it was predicted.

  2. JoanneH

    Have to admit my irritation with some of the New Yorkers who were interviewed after Irene had passed. They scoffed at the reports and the preparations.

    I understand what they were saying to a certain extent, but that was one helluva destructive storm.

    Some Americans need to get over their love affair with dramatic situations. So what if the predictions didn’t match their expectations? Talk to the people in Vermont.

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