Well, that’s good to hear — sorta, kinda

Just got this from the state Treasurer:


Rating agency’s negative outlook for US economy could impact South Carolina

(Columbia, SC) – State Treasurer Curtis Loftis issued the following statement in response to the action taken by credit rating agency Moody’s, who has reaffirmed South Carolina’s AAA credit rating but added a negative outlook similar to that given to the federal government.

“South Carolina has AAA credit for a reason,” Treasurer Loftis said.  “We live within our means and are constantly guided by sound financial principles. The negative outlook for the federal government has spilled over to the states and is a wake-up call that government must not spend more than it has.  The State Treasurer’s Office is monitoring this situation and is in constant contact with the rating agencies.”

South Carolina’s AAA credit rating means it costs less to borrow money for things taxpayers depend on like schools, roads and bridges.

Moody’s Investors Service will be conducting a credit review of select states including South Carolina within the next 90 days.  According to Moody’s, in order for South Carolina to earn a stable outlook, the state must maintain credit quality higher than that of the federal government in the event the U. S. government credit would be downgraded.

“The bottom line is simple: the action by Congress and the President causes uncertainty in the business community,” Treasurer Loftis said.  “We must demand fiscal conservatism and transparency from Washington.  South Carolina is doing its part and I ask D. C. to do the same.”

South Carolina, along with Maryland, New Mexico, Tennessee and the Commonwealth of Virginia, are the five states Moody’s confirmed AAA with negative outlooks with ratings indirectly linked to the U. S. government.  Those five states have a combined $24 billion of outstanding debt.

WEB/TV/RADIO: Click Here for a downloadable soundbite (.mpg) of the Treasurer on the debt issue.


Well, that’s good to hear. Because I was worried about the credit agencies not being pleased with the debt deal signed earlier in the week. (Hey, neither I nor anyone else was happy with it; why should they be?)

All along, the word had been that the credit rating was endangered less by the debt ceiling deadline, and more by the failure of the gummint to come to terms with the deficit. Which they still haven’t done, of course. But let’s embrace whatever good news we can get.

Yo, and stock markets… Please settle down, as I said this morning:

So calm down, already! Stock market, this means you: “@nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: U.S. Economy Added 117,000 Jobs in July; Rate Falls to 9.1%”

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  1. Mark Stewart

    We can partially (mostly?) thank the SC5 for the lowered national credit rating; can we also include BOTH our senators as well?

    I’m sure SC’s lowered rating won’t be far behind…

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