Yeah, you’d BETTER put this on sale…

… In fact, if you’re trying to get rid if it in South Carolina, you’d better plan on paying people to take it.

This bit of spam email from made me laugh when I saw it on my iPhone over lunch.

I suppose there’s someone who would buy it — at a discount.

This was brought to you by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. All rights reserved.

Oh, wait… you don’t suppose this is an opportunity to get some ad revenue on the blog? Um… my, what a fine-lookin’ bunch o’ products!

6 thoughts on “Yeah, you’d BETTER put this on sale…

  1. Doug Ross

    24.95 for a t-shirt??? Oh, I see.. “Union Made”.

    Gee, I wonder why all those jobs are heading overseas.

  2. Steven Davis

    That’s the spirit, a friend of mine used to be in the t-shirt business, a shirt like that would cost him about $2.00 and he’d have about a nickle in ink, the rest was profit.

  3. Doug Ross


    The shirts are a metaphor for Medicare and Social Security. You can overpay for something of questionable value.

  4. SusanG

    Whoa — and that’s $25 for the T-shirt in the “End of Summer Sale”. Seems kind of pricey to me. (But then, I’m really too old to be wearing t-shirts with stuff printed on them, anyways).


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