Your Virtual Front Page, Friday, August 12, 2011

Another week draws to a close, and I still haven’t written that blasted post about Trey Gowdy’s speech way back on Monday. But here’s the news:

  1. Appeals court strikes down insurance mandate (WashPost) — So, among appellate courts, the score is now 1-1.
  2. Stocks Hold On to Day’s Modest Gains to End a Wild Week (NYT) — Or, as the WSJ put it, “U.S. stocks rose as an upbeat retail sales report trumped a weak reading on consumer confidence.”
  3. Perry to announce candidacy in S.C. (The State) — Normally, I wouldn’t play something that hasn’t yet happened this big. But this is big enough that I plan to attend the event in Charleston, so watch for coverage. And here’s The Washington Post‘s assessment of the importance of the event. The NYT is also making a big deal of it, playing this advance high on the main web page. Also of interest is the fact that he’ll be here on the day of the Iowa straw poll.
  4. Obama Seeks To Rekindle Campaign Passion In 2012 (NPR) — With all the news the GOP field is making, I thought you might be interested in this step-back look at the Democratic incumbent’s strategy. This line kind of captures Obama’s situation: “‘Lesser of two evils’ hardly reflects the burning passion people felt for Obama in 2008.”
  5. ‘Fresh crackdown’ on Syria unrest (BBC) — Activists claim at least 16 have died.
  6. Police revolt against PM’s reform agenda (The Guardian) — Cameron’s in trouble for suggesting the bobbies were being too timid.

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