Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 22, 2011

Have you had a busy day? I certainly have. Let’s take a moment to see what the rest of the world has been up to:

  1. Loyalist Holdouts Fight Rebels in Tripoli (NYT) — In moments such as this, I wonder who the holdouts are: Gaddafi family members? People who expect a fate worse than death if they are captured and held to account by a new regime? True believers? And what would “true believers” who follow Gaddafi actually believe in?
  2. Qaddafi at Large as Forces Fight to Control Compound (NYT) — Question of the moment: Where is Moammar?
  3. Calls Rise to Send Lockerbie Bomber Back to Prison (WSJ) — Oh, you mean that guy who was supposed to be DEAD by now?
  4. Raise My Taxes? Not So Fast, Retired CEO Tells Warren Buffett (NPR) — A case of media making news. This is an NPR news story about a WSJ op-ed piece. I wonder how hard the Journal had to look to find a major CEO willing to just come out and say, “After all, I did earn it.” Chutzpah like that is rare these days. I mean, he had to know what Bud would say in response…
  5. Forecasters say SC could see effects of Irene (Associated Press) — Just a heads-up. The pertinent bits: “(T)he storm could come ashore near the Florida-Georgia border as a hurricane early Saturday morning. That would put South Carolina on the northeast side of the storm where the strongest winds are in a hurricane.”
  6. Kate Winslet helps saves Branson’s mum from fire (BBC) — I don’t usually go in for celebrity “news,” but this was unusual enough to be an exception.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 22, 2011

  1. Juan Caruso

    5. “The National Weather Service says Hurricane Irene could bring waves, wind and rains to the South Carolina coast later this week.”

    We would all do well to keep in mind that this estimate is a world-class weather prognostication about 96 hours out:”The latest projected path of Irene takes it over eastern North Carolina as a major hurricane this this weekend, posing a severe threat to lives and property.”

    Lets substitute a few nouns for a similar-toned prognostication.

    “Top climatologists project anthropogenic climate conditions in island and coastal areas will pose an irreversible threat to threat to lives and property.”

    Now, let’s see what happens in each case without additional carbon taxes, etc.


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