Huntsman’s looking better — to me, anyway

After I saw this today:

Huntsman won’t get endorsement from Haley

You should read her argument for this position. It’s, um, typical. She strings together a series of phrases that almost, but not quite, constitute complete thoughts. Oh, all right, here it is:

“Naturally, I’m going to go with someone that philosophically I agree with and Jon Huntsman is not it,” Haley said. “If you talk to him about things he knows about China and the economy, yes, that’s great stuff, but what I really want to get is a strong conservative who understands jobs and the economy matter, and it’s not what we say, it’s what we do and how we’re going to fix it.”

And it’s a beautiful thing, she forgot to say.

10 thoughts on “Huntsman’s looking better — to me, anyway

  1. Barry

    I liked Huntsman the best last night.

    1) He refuses to sign no tax pledges- which perfectly logical, reasonable, and smart.

    2) and now Gov Haley has said she won’t support him.

    Two very good reasons for me to consider supporting him.

  2. Lynn T

    Huntsman has said that he would not have accepted Obama’s offer during the debt ceiling debacle. That is sufficient to cast doubt on his claims to being a rational centrist. He is still a largely unknown quantity, and I’m disturbed to see love letters like that from Scoppe in The State.

  3. Jesse S.

    Translation: “Seems like a nice guy, maybe even smart, but he is a RINO who’ll be gutted before this is over. If you think I’m getting near that, you must be crazy.”

  4. Kathy

    I agree with those of you who like Huntsman better now. But, really, the High School Gov will endorse someone with whom she agrees philosophically? Now that’s funny. Let’s see. What is High School Gov’s philosophy? Do one thing; say another. Say you agree totally with the Tea Party; say the governor is responsible for creating jobs. Condemn politicians for wasting tax dollars; take an expensive tax-paid trip to Paris. Claim to break barriers for women by being elected governor; call the female reporter who points out some of your foibles “a little girl.” This list could go on virtually forever. Just suffice it to say that I did not vote for Haley. Every time I start to take the “Republicans for Sheheen” bumper sticker off my car, Haley does something else that makes me proud to drive with that sticker on my car. Yeah, it pretty much happens daily. Pitchfork Ben is starting to look good at this point.

  5. Bart

    A few weeks ago, my comment was about Huntsman. A close friend is a plant manager for one of Huntsman’s many holdings and according to my friend, Huntsman is the genuine article.

    I may not agree with all of his positions but in general, I believe he is the “best of the bunch” of the Republicans in the race. A proven entity in politics, business, and foreign diplomacy. In other words, he doesn’t stand a chance to win the nomination.

    A damn shame.


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