Ideal local TV interview: “Foom! Foom! Foom!”

Power Lines Fall on Crashed Vehicle, Driver Trapped:

This morning, Jack Kuenzie of WIS brings my attention to this. This guy is being billed on The Daily What as the “Second Coming of Chris Farley,” and I can see that.

I also see a little of Hurley, the guy from “Lost,” even though this guy isn’t nearly as big as either of them. Know what I mean, dude?

The situation was extremely serious — as KSAZ in Phoenix described, “The driver of an SUV was trapped Thursday afternoon when he lost control of his vehicle and it rolled over and struck a utility pole.” But the entertainment value in this description is undeniable.

7 thoughts on “Ideal local TV interview: “Foom! Foom! Foom!”

  1. Mab

    I wonder if his tongue is pierced? Something extra and metal is flapping around in there — which could account for drawing all those BIG ARCS.


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