No, James, you’re not a bit sorry to say it

Yet another of these stir-’em-up fund-raising notes that I get (two or three times a day, it seems) from the Democrats.  This one is ostensibly from James Carville:

Brad —

I’m sorry but these Tea Partyin’ fools in Congress have got to go.

They’re trying to gut the New Deal, attack workers, and end Medicare. But when it comes to tax breaks for their billionaire and Big Oil buddies, it’s hands off.

The Republicans may have Karl Rove’s secret donors and the Tea Party ditto-heads on their side but we’ve got committed grassroots folks like you to help get out the truth.

And boy do we need you right now. Democrats’ campaign to kick the Tea Party right outta Congress is just $38,701 short of their $500,000 goal before the August FEC deadline hits in 24 hours.

Contribute $3 or more today and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of House Democrats.

The media and pundits will use our grassroots fundraising totals to judge our will to call out the GOP on their hypocrisy and lies — so I’m asking you to act right now.

Every dollar you give goes right back out the door to help take the fight right to Republicans on their home turf with targeted advertising, grassroots organizing, and rapid response research.

Give today and help Democrats stand strong at this critical deadline.

James Carville

“I’m sorry?” No, James, you’re not a bit sorry. You’re happy to say it, and you’d be thrilled if it turned out to be true. Just as I’d be happy to stop getting so many of these emails.

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