Perry ad serves notice: If he’s the nominee, it’s going to be a fight

Thought you might be interested in this, which Slate called “Perry’s awesome new ad,” and indeed the production values are good. Never mind that he’s looking right past his rivals at the ultimate target of the GOP. But I think he figures that’s what Republican voters want to see.

At first the ad looked sort of familiar — didn’t someone do one much like this in the past month? But then I heard and saw the very new quotes and headlines, and realized it is indeed brand-new.

See what you think.

4 thoughts on “Perry ad serves notice: If he’s the nominee, it’s going to be a fight

  1. Jesse S.

    Read a cute theoretical Perry ad that was too good to not share:
    Oh he’ll win based on his advertisements alone.

    The scene opens up with a Lone Texas Blue Heeler staring out across a great expanse. The dog spots a pack of coyotes heading towards a flock of pristine white sheep. Despite being out numbered, the dog races towards them and barely drives them off. Cut to Rick Perry’s eyes staring across the border. A piece of hair blows slightly out of place, but returns. Perry Scowls. Suddenly, a flock of migrants makes a break for it. In the distance a baby begins to cry. The scene cuts to a dirt encrusted face. A look of disappointment falls to bewilderment. He shouts, !EL BOTA EL BOTA, SALIR DE AQUI!!

    It is too late.

    With a furry of pointy boots and dust perry drop kicks all 7 migrants in one swoop. Perry releases a squadron of Eagles and they are chased back to a dusty hell hole. Perry turns and faces the great fruit full and green pristine lands of the Mexico/Texas border. He scans his territory and nods. His attack Eagles circle in formation above him. A deep rich voice then says “A man is called upon, but only a hero can answer. Protect yourself today, Elect Governer Rick Perry 2012.”

    Fade to black.

    And to think, just yesterday that sounded a bit silly.

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