Welcome new advertiser Palmetto Citizens FCU!

When I first went to work at The State in 1987, I immediately opened an account with the newspaper’s credit union. In our old building there in the shadow of Williams-Brice Stadium (it now houses part of S.C. ETV) it was located in what I remember as practically a closet in the Human Resources department — a cubby behind a sliding glass door and curtain.

Perhaps my memory exaggerates. In any case, it was small. But it wasn’t there for long. The company credit union soon merged with Columbia Teachers Federal Credit Union — which had been formed in 1936 when 10 individuals all chipped in $5 apiece. Columbia Teachers opened a branch just down the street from us near the intersection of Shop and George Rogers (or is it Assembly there? hard to tell), and put an ATM in the basement of our building.

By this time, the credit union had expanded well beyond just Columbia teachers, and in 2001 changed its name to Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union.

They’ve still got my money — what there is of it — including the account where I put revenues from the blog. Which will, for the next year, include payments from the credit union itself, for the ad you see at right. Which has a neat sort of circularity to it…

In any case, I’m pleased and proud to welcome a very fine community organization, Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union, to bradwarthen.com.

6 thoughts on “Welcome new advertiser Palmetto Citizens FCU!

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    We, the people, like credit unions, friend of the workers. Power to the people!

    We are members of the State Credit Union, which has gotten a bit fee-happy of late, so I will be checking out Palmetto Citizens. Do we get a special Bradwarthen.com account package?

  2. Barry

    With the recent move by BOA on Debit card fees – I think credit unions are getting ready to have a lot of business.

  3. bud

    This is timely given the evil Bank of America’s decision to charge for debit transactions. I use Palmetto Citizens for ATM withdrawals because they are one of the last free ones for customers who bank with another bank/credit union.

  4. Ralph Hightower

    Welcome Palmetto Citizens!

    However, my wife and I rolled our 401Ks into a rollover IRA that is a fee based advisor instead of one that makes his money from commissions.

    Bank of America is pissing off America!

    I wonder if Brylcreem and Vitalis GOP Golden Boy, Rick Perry (aka John Edwards), will repeal the caps on bank fees.

  5. Steven Davis

    Do your research into the local credit unions. If they offer good savings rates, their loan rates are high. If they offer low loan rates, their savings rates are extremely low.

  6. bud

    Steven, you addressed only a tiny part of the equation. Credit unions don’t go the extra mile to nickel and dime you death with fees. I’d be really surprised if my CU ever has a fee for debit card use.


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