Come hear E.J. Dionne tomorrow night

Hey, y’all — anyone interested in hearing E.J. Dionne speak at USC tomorrow evening on the intersection of faith and public life should come over to Capstone on the USC campus at 6 p.m.

Dionne, for those of you not familiar (which you should be) is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, but you probably know him better as a syndicated columnist for The Washington Post. He’s also a professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University. And you may have seen him on the tube now and again.

E.J.’s topic is,”Reweaving the Seamless Garment: Cardinal Bernardin’s Living Legacy to American Public Life.” This is the 2011 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Lecture. I’ve been on that committee for a decade or so. He’s brought to you by The Department of Religious Studies, the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies, President Pastides’ Civil Discourse Initiative, and Samuel Tenenbaum and the Tenenbaum Lectureship Fund.

I had the honor of making the initial contact, early this year, asking E.J. to come speak to us. He was happy to do so, not only because he’s a fellow Catholic, but because Chapter Five of his recent book was entitled, “What Happened to the Seamless Garment? The Agony of Liberal Catholicism.”

I look forward to hearing him. Assuming I get him here on time — I’m supposed to pick him up at the airport.

I first met E.J. at an API seminar. Our class had lunch with some of the WashPost opinion writers, including (as I recall) Charles Krauthammer and Robert Samuelson, and E.J. was kind enough to give me a tour of the Post. He later visited me in my office at The State when he was here covering… oh, I forget what. The 2004 Democratic primary, perhaps.

I appreciate his arranging his schedule to come speak to us. And I hope some of y’all will come hear him.

7 thoughts on “Come hear E.J. Dionne tomorrow night

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    He also does a bit with Melissa Block and David Brooks on All Things Considered on Fridays. I enjoy his take on things….

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    I probably will. The Professor will be singing the Durufle Requiem at Trinity, but I won’t even need to find parking for Capstone!

  3. Silence

    I like to hear Dionne sing “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” and “I Say a Little Prayer.” Those are two of my favorites.

  4. Herb

    Brad: We met during your time at the State and I was School Supt at both Kershaw and latter at Lexington # 5. We are friends with Robert Ariail ( and Fair) from our Camden days Anyway I ‘ve retired to Alexandria, Va. Read the Wash Post this morning and saw your name an blog quoted. Big time recognition I’d say. Regards Herb

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