Happy Birthday, John. Oh, give it a rest, Paul…

A friend shares this today:

LONDON (AP) — A hint of autumnal Beatlemania was in the air Sunday as Paul McCartney — for the second time in his improbable life — climbed the steps of Old Marylebone Town Hall to get married.

True, thousands of heartbroken female fans crowded the venerable registry office in 1969 when he married Linda Eastman and only a few hundred showed up Sunday as he wed American Nancy Shevell. But the feeling this time was not regret at the loss of a bachelor heartthrob. Instead there was joy that McCartney, regarded as a national treasure, seemed happy again…

Oh, give it a rest, Paul. Still getting married, when it’s past time for him to be spending his time bouncing Vera, Chuck and Dave on his knee.

You know, at least he could have waited a day. Today is John Lennon’s birthday (his 71st). And Paul is gallivanting about with his new bride (here’s a picture) and his dyed hair, while poor John is moldering in his grave. Or would be, had Yoko not had him cremated.

John would pose the question, how does he sleep? The answer, of course, would be, not alone

Seriously, I wish the old guy all the best. The happiest Beatle should continue doing his best to enjoy life. But honestly, my first reaction actually was, “Oh, give it a rest.” Then I realized what today was.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, John. Oh, give it a rest, Paul…

  1. Brad

    It’s also Ecuadorean Independence Day. But that didn’t seem relevant to mention.

    I know that because when I lived in Guayaquil as a kid, we got a whole week off for Nueve de Octubre. We got a Scroogelike day-and-a-half for Christmas (because, I suppose, that was just a couple of weeks before the end of the school year there in those days), but a week for independence day.

  2. Brad

    Actually, technically, it was the independence of just Guayaquil, or the province around it, but let’s not get into complicated details…

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    I should think that you, or all people, would have more sympathy for Paul’s situation — a very close marriage under very trying circumstances–who else had one wife through all the madness of extreme fame–not Lennon!, cut short by his health-nut wife’s untimely, and one would think unfair, death from cancer, then he remarries a disabled woman who turns out to be a crazy, vindictive person — finally seems to have found a nice person–at least I hope so. I wish them happiness!

  4. Brad

    Ob-la-di ob-la-da. May they be as happy as Desmond and Molly.

    Seriously, years ago (I wrote a column about this), I decided that Lennon (the cool one) was no longer my fave of the Fab Four. I decided that I appreciated the Happy One more than the nihilistic one. I finally appreciated that Paul actually took great pleasure in giving us all that pleasure through his music, and I preferred that attitude to that of the guy who cursed the whole experience.

    I decided that it wasn’t cool, after all, to make the world a little colder.

  5. Brad

    Unless, of course, Paul wants to reconstitute the Beatles and wants me, with my rudimentary rhythm guitar skills, to be the new John. In that case, it looks great. I’ll do my own hair the same way, if Astrid will cut it for me. But I don’t know about the silly suits without lapels…

  6. Kathryn Fenner

    Plenty of people dye their hair, especially women. His doesn’t look as bad as Robert Redford’s, say….

  7. Allen Roberson

    Lennon’s not really the Cool One, just the Most Popular One, primarily because of his tragic death. The roles are actually reversed here in actuallity then in the ureality of the media. As great as Lennon was, McCartney was his equal as a composer and superior and more innovative with his art, and great bass player and singer. He’s been a damn good world citizen and carries himself with maturity – time to get that John monkey off his back! Congrats, Paul!!

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