My seventh Pub Politics appearance

Pub Politics Episode 77: Brad Warthen’s 7th Visit from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

CORRECTION: At some time during the above video — I haven’t gone back through it to find out where — I say that Kevin Fisher did not call me ahead of time to warn me he had written a column critical of me. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Kevin called me after seeing this to tell me that he DID call me. I didn’t hear the message, but I know Kevin wouldn’t tell me that if it weren’t true. Let me add that it wasn’t important for him to have called me. I don’t call people to warn them I’ve been critical of them in something coming out. If I did, I’d be on the phone all day. I had just noted that it seemed ironic that he HAD called to warn me when he had written something noncritical about me previously, but (I thought) had not done so this time.

Above you see the embed of my last-minute, emergency appearance on Pub Politics last week. I was a replacement for Joel Lourie. Guest-hosting with Phil Bailey was Joel Sawyer.

It was my historic seventh appearance on the show. Nobody else comes close.

It’s like the Pub Politics guys are Jimmy Olson, and I’m Clark Kent, and they’ve got a signal watch. And it starts beeping (at a frequency only Kryptonians can here), and I’m like all, “Why can’t Jimmy just stay out of trouble,” but I head for a phone booth (or a reasonable facsimile, since those are getting really, really hard to find outside London, where they keep them because they’re picturesque), and then it’s up, up and away time.