Occupy Columbia got press releases!

Not sure whether this represents a significant stage of evolution, but now I’m getting press releases from “Occupy Columbia:”

Occupy Charleston to Join Occupy Columbia at the State House

Sunday, October 23rd at 6:00pm

Last night, Occupy Columbia sent a small team to travel the state and connect with the other Occupy groups. We have just been informed by these emissaries that Occupy Charleston voted this morning to join us at the State House, beginning Sunday at 6:00pm. Here is a picture of their vote:
With Solidarity,

– Will with Occupy Columbia, a member of the 99%

9 thoughts on “Occupy Columbia got press releases!

  1. Gareth Fenley

    Thanks Brad for helping to spread the word! More photos, stories, live and recorded video, and interactive comments are on our website, facebook, twitter, and splashed all over the mainstream and alternative media!

  2. Doug Ross

    Couldn’t they walk across the street and protest in front of Bank Of America?

    I wonder how many of them have bank accounts/401K/IRA in any of those evil corporations? That would be an actual action that could be taken to prove their commitment.

  3. Doug Ross


    “What would you suggest they do to express their concerns instead?”

    I don’t know – something that might have an impact? Sitting around whining about rich people doesn’t do much.

    Change will only come through political action. Political action comes through getting people elected who share your ideals. Who are the candidates who this group supports? Where’s Vincent Sheheen on this? Where’s Steve Benjamin on this? Who is the highest ranking politician who has bought into the movement? None that I know of. And why is that? Because the majority of them are MUCH closer to the 1% of the pool than the 99%. You think Vincent Sheheen’s $400K income makes him interested in this?

    At least the Tea Party was able to influence the Republican Party – rightly or wrongly. They had a message that resonates – smaller government.

  4. Karen McLeod

    During daylight hours, I see people who are in their 30’s and 40’s out there with them. Most of them look like they are holding or have held jobs in recent memory. I don’t blame these people for not sleeping on the ground overnight. That’s no longer an adventure for me, either.

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