SC Dem spoof of bizarre Herman Cain advert

I’m not going to tell you which is the real Cain thing and which is the spoof… OK, if you see them both, I guess you can tell. But if I just showed you the Cain video alone, and asked you whether it was real or a spoof, you’d have trouble getting it right.

In fact, I’m still having trouble with it. I’m still thinking Herman Cain might be sending us up. Look at that grin.

The WashPost suspected the same thing:

A few questions come to mind….

1. Why is Mark Block, Cain’s campaign manager, smoking a cigarette?

2. Why is Mark Block blowing cigarette smoke into the camera?

3. Why is Mark Block on camera?

4. Who is holding the camera?

5. Why did anyone think this was a good idea?

6. Why is Herman Cain smiling?

7. Are we being punked?

Anyway, enjoy. And don’t y’all be smoking anything, OK? It’s all bad for your lungs.

(The spoof, by the way, is the best-executed video yet from Tyler Jones, who posts on YouTube under the handle, SCForwardProgress. Or at least, I assume he’s the one doing them, since he’s the one who always calls them to my attention.)

6 thoughts on “SC Dem spoof of bizarre Herman Cain advert

  1. Brad

    Nobody’s commented on this, so acting on the theory that people pay attention only after someone else has commented, I post this.

    Really, the video’s are worth watching. I’ve never seen a political ad quite as odd as the one put out by the GOP front-runner. Yep, that’s what he is at the moment.

    And the spoof is genuinely funny, in a buttoned-down Cheech and Chong kind of way. It’s actually sort of understated, in spite of what I just said. Pretty good for local talent. You watch the guy get stoned, but what he says continues to adhere to the tone and feel of the Cain ad, and to the Cain campaign overall.

    Really, they’re worth watching.

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