The Perry media staff is very energetic

That’s the conclusion that I draw from the fact that I have received 16 email releases from his campaign in less than 24 hours (typical headline: “TRUTH REVEALED: ROMNEY MANDATE LED WAY TO OBAMACARE.”)

Thus far, that’s the only conclusion about them I’ve been able to reach. I certainly haven’t had time to read them all. And I have… 139 other new emails to deal with in that one account before I can get down to any actual work today. Either that, or I can ignore my Inbox and have twice as many tomorrow.

In any case, I thought I’d report the salient fact: Perry has a very eager, very energetic media staff.

Meanwhile, no word from current front-runner Herman Cain. Perhaps I should sign up for his stuff. Or wait a week, and see who the new flavor of the month is.

A weird political season.

By the way, anyone see the debate last night? I didn’t get home until after it had started, and it wasn’t on any of the few TV stations I now get, and I got out my laptop to try to find it, got distracted by some comments here on the blog, and eventually decided to eat some dinner.

Anyway, if you saw it, any thoughts?

10 thoughts on “The Perry media staff is very energetic

  1. Doug Ross

    Watched the whole debate. Didn’t think it was possible but Perry is a dumber, emptier suit than George Bush. His campaign is dead in the water.

    Romney will win if he can escape Iowa, win NH, ignore SC (we cain’t vote for no Mormon! we’d rather vote for a black guy!), and win Florida. He’s the most Presidential of the bunch and brings both brains and a crystal clean ethic.

    Cain is interesting… and his 9-9-9 plan would be great. Throw out the entire braindead tax system we have now and start from scratch. But I don’t think he’ll hold up in the long run.

    Paul is Paul. He’s my favorite but he can’t win because a) he’s too old now and b) he is way far outside the political cesspool to get the backing he would need. He will be in it until the end due to the strong support he has from regular people. He’ll get his 10% or more but that’s it. Too bad he’s been right all along on the economy, the Fed, and the trumped up wars. Disclosure: I have donated a small amount to his campaign twice.

    Gingrich and Santorum shouldn’t even be in the running. Both are petulant blowhards. They run just to collect the donations and funnel the money into promoting themselves. Although Santorum made one very good point – the poverty issue in the United States is really about single parent families. I think he said the number of households with one parent is six times higher than that of two parent families. There is a moral, cultural aspect to poverty that the liberals will not touch.

    Huntsman seems like a nice guy. Smart but kinda dull and quirky.
    The unknown Mormon – so he can’t win. He throws out one-liners too much. Called Cain’s 9-9-9 plan the price of a pizza (Cain ran Godfather’s pizza for awhile).

    Bachmann is the token female Palin wannabe. But it was interesting in that during the debate, each candidate was allowed to ask another candidate a question. Most tried to take on Romney with tough questions and he fended them off. But Romney threw a softball to Bachmann about what she would do to improve the economy. He was either a) trying to appear Presidential and not get down in the mud or b) maybe setting himself up to name Bachmann as his running mate to grab some of the Tea Party vote. She’d make a good counterpart for him.

  2. Steven Davis

    This is what you happen when you put yourself on every politicians contact list. I bet your phone rings non-stop with recorded messages from your local friendly politician.

  3. Bart

    @ Doug,

    Am in agreement with almost all of what you posted. As for Perry, after the first time hearing the man open his mouth and speak, the strong feeling he would “flame out” to use a jet pilot term, was palpable. He may be good for Texas and that is exactly where he should stay. Be a big fish in his own pond.

    Gingrich is someone I have never liked or had any use for. He is also a vindictive little person (girth excluded).

    Paul, you know how I feel about him. Some good ideas but totally out of the mainstream.

    Ultimately, I think it will be Romney as the candidate because of all those running now, he is about the only viable choice who will pi$$ off the fewest Republican and independent voters.

    Cain would be a great choice but when the media is through with him, he won’t stand a chance. Evidenced by the political cartoon in the Morning News today. He is shown wearing a Confederate uniform. The labeling has already begun.

    When Huntsman was first mentioned, he had my support and to degree, still does. However, he has been assigned the ignominious monicker of “RINO”. He is wasting valuable campaign funds by staying in the race.

    I tried to listen to the debate but after a while, the tears of boredom started to flow and tuned it out.

  4. bud

    Didn’t watch the debate but that won’t stop me from giving my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t vote for any of these people (except maybe Hunstman) so I’m coming at this strictly as a person following the horse race. I’ve said for months now that Romney will be the nominee. I did have the odds down to about 2-1 at one time but usually he seemed like about even odds or better. I think his odds now are the best they’ve been.

    Cain is now the solid number 2. Not sure why folks like him. His 9-9-9 plan is about the most idiotic pile of crap I’ve seen in a long time. But it’s simple and easy to grasp. At least superficially. It won’t be revenue neutral and it certainly will be very regressive. Still, folks seem to like simplicity no matter how dumb.

    Perry by all accounts is about done. I figured he’d go the way of Fred Thompson which is pretty much the way it’s playing out. Still, I expected a bit better showing.

    The ultimate blowhard Gingrich seems to be staging a very minor comeback. I guess he’s energizing the outdated fossil vote.

    Ron Paul is Ron Paul. He’ll get his 10% and that’s about it. Not sure if he even cares about getting more.

    Bachmann tanked awhile back and hasn’t done anything to stage a comeback. She’s my pick for next out of the race, perhaps within a week or 2.

    Santorum is invisible. Huntsman will win the Mormons-who-hate Romney vote.

    So as not to keep everyone on the edge of their seat in anticipation of the latest ‘bud’ odds, here they are:

    Romney 2-5
    Cain 3-1
    Perry 6-1
    Gingrich 8-1
    Paul 12-1
    Bachman 15-1
    Huntsman 20-1
    Santorum 25-1

  5. Tim

    Said months ago, its Romney. Next in line. I think the field will realize it, suck up to him, and this is over in February. Its all about running mates.

    No way Romney is going to pick another Sarah Palin (Michelle Bachman.) McCain will never get that dog poo off his shoe, and Romeny cares too much about his image.

    Now am thinking its Romney/Cain ticket. Cain will have been vetted in a presidential primary campaign, picks up some contingent of Minorities, along with Southerners (except the Maurice’s BBQ crowd) and Evangelicals.

  6. Kathryn Fenner

    @Phillip– Huntsman seems like the lone voice of semi-sense in that painful video. Too bad he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance…

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