Anchors Aweigh: Bud and his son, the sailor

Last night, Bud wrote this:

Brad and I have gone round and round on US military deployments over the last few years. Yet I can fully understand with a son in the naval resere how the sound of anchors away can stir up some goose bumps. With a son in the naval reserve I can attest to how inspiring those dress white uniforms are.

And he also shared this with me via email (along with the picture above):

All this talk of dress navy white uniforms reminded me of this special occassion recently at my son’s graduation from the Great Lakes training center.  That was a very special week that I’ll never forget.  Seeing my son grow up and my second grandchild come into the world.

Congratulations to Bud on having both a new sailor, and a new baby, in the family. And may his son have smooth sailing wherever his voyages take him.

4 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh: Bud and his son, the sailor

  1. Bart

    bud, you and I may not agree on most issues but I congratulate you on this proud moment with your son. Many years ago, my son joined the National Guard and is now an officer in the Army Reserves in Charleston. I still remember the feeling of pride in my son on his graduation day at Ft. Jackson.

    If he takes after his dad, he will serve with devotion to duty and with honor. Be proud as I know you are.

    By the way, apparently he gets his good looks from his mom. 🙂

  2. Steve Gordy

    Congratulations to Bud, his family, and his son. This is a big step in life and I’m sure they have lots of pride, with perhaps a little apprehension.

  3. j

    Bud, I know you’re very proud. Congratulations! Our sons and daughters are our future. I know the feelings of a father with a son in Afghanistan. Fortunately, he’s coming home to his immediate family in CO for a R&R break. He’ll be going back on deployment in a couple of weeks and we pray for all our sons and daughters overseas and on the seas. Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving season.


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