TALK?!?! Do we have to, Michele? Right now?

Just got this release from Michele Bachmann:

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Are you free to talk tonight? I’d like to speak with you tonight at 8pm EST about the urgent issues facing our country- the unemployment crisis, immigration enforcement, creating American jobs, just to name a few. Please take a moment to register by clicking here, and we’ll call you to connect when it’s time for this event to begin.

This call is not open to the public because I want to make sure I can connect with you directly. I would love to discuss my American Jobs, Right Now blueprint with you…

You mean — just you and me? Alone??!?!!?

Doesn’t she know that the most terrifying words a woman can say to a man is, “We need to talk?” Has she never seen a sitcom?

Umm… Hush, woman, this is a bad time — I gotta go out to the garage and beef up the suspension on the Camaro…  grunt, grunt…

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