On the spot while it’s hot, ‘bogging’ away

Note the camera held high in the right hand. Note the digital recorder with Moleskine notebook held in left hand. Note the dramatic profile. Note the bow tie. That's my Hound Dog tie. It's my favorite.

My friend Kristine Hartvigsen shared this photo on Facebook last night, with the simple caption, “On the job. Read about this in his blog.”

Jack Gerstner responded, “i wonder what brad does now, other than bog?”

I do indeed have boggy days, but yesterday was fairly dry.

But occasionally, I suppose it’s good to remind y’all that the reason I don’t post a tenth as much as I’d like is that I’m also director of communications and public relations at ADCO.

What does that mean? Well, different things.

Yesterday, for instance — hours before the Occupy Columbia thing pictured above — I attended a meeting over at 2020 Hampton with Richland County Administrator Milton Pope and a number of his department heads. ADCO is working with a couple of consulting companies, Cadmus and Genesis Consulting, to help Central Midlands Council of Governments come up with a sustainable energy plan for the Midlands. We were briefing the Richland folks on where the project stands, and seeking their input on the next stage of it.

This morning at 11, I have a phone conference about that project. Before and after that, I’m working on copy for web pages for another client, intended to tell parents what to look for in a good childcare center.

This afternoon, I’ll be over at Bobby Hitt’s shop. Commerce has asked a number of firms in the advertising/marketing/PR world to work together to help Commerce with a branding project, something that promises to be pretty exciting, and which I hope to learn more about today.

And when I get a minute — between ADCO stuff, nights, weekends — I bog.

7 thoughts on “On the spot while it’s hot, ‘bogging’ away

  1. bud

    Well at least there was a bit of comic relief at an otherwise tense situation on the statehouse grounds yesterday.

  2. Randy

    The only people who would voluntarily go to an Occupy Columbia looking like an older Tucker Carlson are people who are out to become part of the story themselves. Did the blogger in the photo hand out business cards too?

  3. Brad

    Who’s Tucker Carlson?

    Sorry, Randy but I’m not going to change clothes before going to cover something.

    As for passing out cards — I had the opposite problem last night. So many people came up to say hi, either assuming I knew them or saying “are you Brad Warthen?” That happens to me frequently, but it was worse last night.

    But sorry — it’s hard enough for me to get time to go to an event. I don’t have time to don a disguise or something…

  4. Mark Stewart

    As funny as it is to wear a bow tie to a “protest” rally,

    The guy looking to Abolish Corporate Personhood was an even bigger hoot. I mean he was actually there to complain about the legal status of business entities while wearing khakis, a black belt and a tucked in denim shirt – did he just leave his cube to make it down to the statehouse rally or what?

  5. `Kathryn Fenner

    Oy– the vision of Brad “Bowtie” Warthen in Radical Chic…..although back in the big beard days….

  6. Steven Davis

    I was by there around noon today, it looks like the Occupy Columbia movement is down to one guy with a lemonade stand in front of the tree.

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