Your Virtual Front Page, Friday, 11/11/11

Not my usual headline style, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to type 11/11/11, since it will never come again. Now, the news:

  1. Italy’s playboy politician exits (WashPost) — At least their scandals are more interesting.
  2. Greece swears in unity coalition (BBC) — Bringing an end to political wrangling.
  3. Markets Rally as Italy and Greece Move on Austerity (NYT) — Good to know.
  4. SEC disciplined employees over Madoff probe (WashPost) — That’s for failing to stop him for years and years.
  5. State revenue to grow by nearly $1 billion (The State) — This is a day old, but it’s important, and I didn’t have it last night.
  6. USC halfway to its fundraising goal of $1 billion ( — Knowing the state will share little of its billion with higher education, USC goes out and gets its own. God Bless the Child that’s got his own…

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