And so this is Advent, and what have we done?

And so that time has rolled around again, a time when some of our avowedly “conservative” brethren start griping that no one will let them say “Merry Christmas.”

This has always struck me as one of the non-ier nonissues of the world, not least because it always comes up during Advent, not during Christmas, so why do they want to say “Merry Christmas” anyway, and doesn’t “Happy Holidays” cover it… but I’m not writing this to get all liturgical on you.

Anyway, Rick Perry, who seems to have decided that an evangelical offense is his best chance to get back into the game in Iowa, is now taking a big stand for Christmas. And he’s doing it with such apocryphal assertions as this, on CNN’s Situation Room:

What we’re seeing from the left, of which I would suggest to you, President Obama is a member of the left and substantial left-of-center beliefs, that you can’t even have a Christmas party. You can’t say a prayer at school.

Say what?, you’re thinking. But he’s counting on people who are not thinking to be impressed.

And I hate to put it that way, because I sound like one of those very godless secularists Perry’s trying to demonize. There are indeed people who see people of faith as simple fools.

But that means they see ME as a simple fool, so I’m not one of them.

By saying he’s trying to appeal to people who are not thinking, I’m saying that Perry himself is the one insulting the intelligence of people of faith. Particularly when those people can look back at Gov. Perry’s own official “holiday” greeting of last Dec. 22:

Gov. Perry: Keep Veterans, First Responders in Your Thoughts and Prayers this Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 22, 2010  •  Austin, Texas  •  Press Release

The holidays are a special time of year to pause and take stock of the many blessings we enjoy, not just as human beings, but as Americans and Texans. Of all those blessings, I’d offer that the most precious is our freedom.

There are thousands of Texans serving the cause of freedom all over the world, in dangerous places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Driven by a dedication to our country and communities, they’ll spend the holidays thousands of miles from parents, friends, spouses and children.

I encourage you to keep our fighting men and women in your thoughts and prayers, along with their families who anxiously await their return. At the same time, I hope you’ll remember the folks who keep our neighborhoods safe: our state’s first responders.

While we enjoy the comforts of home with loved ones, these brave men and women are on the job, providing care in the back of an ambulance, preparing to respond to a fire call or patrolling our international border.
We should never take them for granted and we should definitely keep them in our prayers as they sacrifice for our safety.

So, during this holiday season, remember to thank a first responder or salute a veteran for their service and pray for God’s protection on them and their families.

May God bless you and, through you, may He continue to bless the Great State of Texas.

Did you see any Jesus in that greeting? Neither did I. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fine. It’s just that you wouldn’t know that to hear Perry now.

Mainly what Perry has done is amuse the godless secularists mightily with his hypocrisy, which is why this inconsistency is flying around the Internet, which is why I knew about it to share it with you.

Nothing like a quiet, holy, contemplative Advent, huh?

7 thoughts on “And so this is Advent, and what have we done?

  1. Herb Brasher

    One more reason why Mark Hatfield just detested civil religion and politicians’ attempts to make use of it. I wish we had more Mark Hatfields today.

  2. Herb Brasher

    Actually I thought Kurt Warner’s advice to Tim Tebow — to quieten down the faith talk and let his life do the talking — was pretty good. Now it’s Rick Perry’s turn to heed it. And a lot of other evangelicals, in my own opinion–being myself one of them.

  3. `Kathryn Fenner

    Try finding a pre-cut Christmas tree fresh enough to make through the 12 days of Christmas to Epiphany around this godless place! Try to round up some Advent carolers outside of a Lutheran Church, and what do you get–O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

    Perry is clearly framing his base as simple fools, since anyone with half a brain knows you can pray in school all you want. You just can’t make anyone else do it. Have all the Christmas parties you want, on private property.

  4. Steve Gordy

    It’s a mandatory part of the curriculum for GOP candidates, talking about their Christian faith and how tough it is to be a Christian in today’s America. I can hardly wait until Eric Cantor becomes bold enough to run for President. Watching him gyrate around this particular meme would be a hoot.

  5. Tim

    Who cares what Rick Perry does anymore? He has a bunch of campaign cash he has to spend to make himself look like he is trying to all the fools who funded him. He doesn’t care about being president, didn’t want to be president and probably just got cajoled by stroking a thin ego wed to a thinner mind.

  6. `Kathryn Fenner

    Actually, Steve Gordy– Given the accusations against President Obama, it has become mandatory for him as well.

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