Just an interesting, semi-seasonal image

On Sunday, my youngest grandchild had her 2nd birthday party at The Columbia Marionette Theatre. I liked the above image I shot when she and a friend were exploring backstage. Then I shot another, with the hanging marionettes above, which I think was better-framed, but lacks the kinetic element of the little intruders in the puppet kingdom.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I gave you both.

You’re wondering about the huge figure that looks like a malproportioned cross between a Madonna and Child and a Pietà. That’s part of a set of figures owned by a local church, which the Marionette Theatre is refurbishing. It’s what makes the image.

On the whole, it’s slightly more… disturbing… than your usual holiday image. Maybe it’s that scary guy on the throne up above the huge Madonna. Maybe it’s the shadows. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Just an interesting, semi-seasonal image

  1. Rose

    We went to a birthday party there and enjoyed it…until we looked backstage. Somehow they’re creepier just hanging there….

    Kathryn, have you seen the USPS commercial where the family is standing outside of their home because they are afraid of the clown doll someone sent them?

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