Actually, Newt has edged ahead in THREE polls

Of course, all were conducted before the “open marriage” bombshell. Polls are always a moving target, but this target is moving more than any I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

Public Policy polling has Gingrich leading Romney 34 percent to 28 percent. This was the first night of three nights of tracking. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s.

Rasmussen has Gingrich at 33 to Romney’s 31.

In an American Research Group poll, Gingrich has 33 percent compared to Romney’s 32.

Those last two, of course, are statistical dead heats.

This is wild stuff. The stakes in tonight’s debate are HUGE.

7 thoughts on “Actually, Newt has edged ahead in THREE polls

  1. bud

    Now Newt is blaming the “liberal media” for his marital infidelity. From the NY Daily News website:

    The presidential hopeful blasted his ex-wife’s interview on NBC’s “Today Show,” saying it was “wrong” and blamed the “liberal media.”

  2. Doug Ross

    I would really be interested in seeing how many married women would not hold Newt’s past against him and be willing to vote for him over the other candidates (all of whom appear to have long, stable marriages).

  3. Doug Ross

    One of the odious things about Newt is his fondness for letting others do his dirty work for him. Rather than address his ex-wife’s accusations, he sends a statement out from his daughters. Rather than address Romney and Bain, he says “oh, this isn’t me, it’s the NY Times information”.

    He’s a con man who unfortunately is getting a bump in the state with perhaps the dumbest voters in the country.

  4. KP

    I can offer this: My mom, the most God-fearing woman you ever met, married and faithful to the same man for 51 years, is still planning to vote for Newt. I guess on grounds that she hates the federal government more than she hates jerks.

    Me, I can’t vote for a person I know for a fact has never grown up.

  5. `Kathryn Fenner

    I can usually come up with a “best light” view of just about anyone, but the only upside I can find about Newt is that he’s wicked smart. Alas, he has no sort function between really smart and really nuts.

  6. Ralph Hightower

    Newt is going “Sarah Palin”, blaming the “lamestream” media.

    Only problem is that politicians live in glass houses.

    Newt is fond of upgrading to a newer model when the current wife is defective with something like cancer, or multiple sclerosis.

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