And now, a few words from the Grownup Party

The ATV discussion caused me to invoke the Grownup Party (which was my third effort to start my own party, after the UnParty and the Energy Party), which caused me to go back and reread the party’s founding document, and I think this passage is always good to keep in mind:

Which brings us to something else about Grownups — they understand that in America, the government is us, rather than being some menacing thing out there, and that we’re very fortunate to live in this country at this time rather than in Russia under the czars — or under Vladimir Putin, for that matter. And we’re especially fortunate not to live in a place where there is no government, such as Somalia under the warlords.
When the government does something we don’t like — which is pretty often, political immaturity being rampant — we don’t stamp our feet and talk about taking our ball (or  taxes, or whatever) and going home. Instead, we take responsibility for it, and try to bring it along. Yes, it’s a thankless task, like picking up after one’s children, or explaining to them why they can’t stay out late with their friends. But someone has to do it.
The task may seem hopeless as well — but only to the sort who gives up. Grownups know they don’t have that option, so they keep putting forth ideas that make sense, day after day, just like Daddy  going to work…

Amen to that. The Founder of the Grownup Party knows what he’s on about…

4 thoughts on “And now, a few words from the Grownup Party

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    There used to be a stupid TV ad–for all I know, it’s still on, that said Bills, bills, bills–you can’t get a loan because you have too many bills and you can’t pay your bills because you can’t get a loan.

    My frugal dad would harrumph–“You can’t pay your bills because you spend too dog-gone much. You can’t get a loan because you’ve done it for too long. [Of course, he is a nice, caring guy, and understands sometimes people have reasonable expenses, like medical bills, and insufficient income. It’s the people with the new TV and SUV, who are eating out he has an issue with.]

    Lots of people don’t want to pay taxes, but complain about service cuts. They seem to think there’s a ton of waste in government, because they saw someone on a road crew taking a break once.

    Grow up, people.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    That’s what Washington is lacking and desparately needs.

    As Huntsman said in your most recent post, we are screwed and implied, Washington is the one that is screwing us.

  3. Steven Davis

    “because they saw someone on a road crew taking a break once”

    I worked for a state highway department during the summer when I was in college. It happened a lot more than “once”. I remember taking breaks because it wasn’t time to get started before it would have been time for our actual break to start.


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