But what does “Patriocracy” mean, exactly?

Someone passed this invitation on to me. I think I’d like to attend, although I’m double-checking to see whether I’m welcome, since I wasn’t invited directly. I mean, I assume I’m included in “everyone,” but does a gentleman assume?

You Are Invited to Attend…

The South Carolina Premiere of the Documentary Film ‘Patriocracy‘, Followed by Panel Discussion

6 pm, Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Auditorium, 930 Richland St., Columbia

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters       Co-Sponsored by the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council

The League of Women Voters invites everyone to a special free screening of ‘Patriocracy’. This new, award-winning documentary film drills down to the roots of political polarization in our nation and offers sound solutions to move beyond it. Brian Malone, the film’s producer and five-time Emmy Award winner, will introduce the film in person. The film features an A-list of national political and media personalities, including former MT Senator Alan Simpson, VA Senator Mark Warner, ND Senator Kent Conrad, former SC Congressman Bob Inglis, Bob Schieffer (CBS News), Eleanor Clift (Newsweek/McLaughlin Group), Ken Rudin (NPR),  and many more.

After the film there will be a panel discussion, moderated by Elisabeth MacNamara, national president of the League of Women Voters. The A-list of panelists includes former Rep. John M. Spratt, Jr.(D; SC 5th Congressional District); Charles Bierbauer (USC College of Journalism and Mass Communication Dean and former CNN senior White House Correspondent); Lee Catoe (Greater Columbia Community Relations Council Interim Dir., former SC Dept. of Alcohol and Other Abuse Services Dir., appointed by Gov. Mark Sanford, Exec. Assistant for Gov. Carroll Campbell); filmmaker Brian Malone; and others.

This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Please share with everyone you know.

Film information is available at http://www.patriocracymovie.com/.

RSVP requested, but not required at 803-251-2726 or info@lwvsc.org.

Save Wednesday evening, January 18 at 6 p.m., and see the film ‘Patriocracy’ being shown at Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Auditorium, 930 Richland St., in downtown Columbia.

One thing I’m frustrated about, though — I don’t understand where the title came from. Why “Patriocracy?” What do the filmmakers mean by that word? I hope the movie will tell me.

Why do people keep coining new words, instead of using the tried and true ones. Such as, you know, “UnParty.”

5 thoughts on “But what does “Patriocracy” mean, exactly?

  1. Brad

    Yeah, and usually the “-ocracy” being referred to is a negative. For instance, we all get that “Idiocracy” is a bad thing.

    But this seems to refer to patriotism, or to the country itself, the “Patria.” And what is wrong with that? I can see how something COULD be wrong, if you had a Nazi-style nationalism or something like that. But that doesn’t seem to be what the filmmakers are saying.

    So the title is confusing. If you’re going to invent a word, it ought to be in the service of communicating more clearly, not less so. The hearer, or reader, should be able to infer a meaning, accurately. I haven’t a clue what this one means…

  2. Brad

    Just got this:

    Hi Brad-

    Just saw your blog and wanted to make sure there was no question that you’re invited! Tell your friends… bring a bunch of people. We hope to have a good discussion following the film!

    As far as the title goes… well, I guess you’ll have to make up your mind when you see the film. However, I’m hoping you’re not going to pre-judge anything about the film before you see it.

    Brian Malone
    Malone Media Group, LLC

    Thanks, I said… but what’s the definition?

  3. Bill

    If you haven’t seen ‘Weekend’,Google Roger Ebert’s review;or almost any serious film critic,and you’ll see why I made the recommendation,but
    then again,you might not.

  4. Brad

    Brian Malone wrote back last night:

    “It’s a new word in the lexicon. Let the suspense hold until you see the film!”

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