Democrats STILL beating up on Romney

This continues to be fascinating. As I’ve mentioned over the last couple of days, the Democrats have conducted an unprecedented campaign to discredit Mitt Romney in South Carolina, utterly ignoring Newt Gingrich as he caught  up and passed him.

Now this, shortly after Gingrich was declared the winner:

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Results of South Carolina GOP Primary

SOUTH CAROLINA – Tonight, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the results of the Republican primary in South Carolina:

“If tonight proved one thing, it’s that the central rationale of Mitt Romney’s campaign is cratering.  He came into South Carolina  with a 20 point lead – a state where jobs and the economy is the number one issue – and the candidate who hung his entire candidacy on these issues, Mitt Romney, saw his support collapse.

“Why?  Because Mitt Romney’s been exposed as being out of touch with the middle class, and voters are seeing that he lives by another set of rules. He’s refused to level with voters, and now he’s in trouble.  Anyone who goes into a state with a significant double digit lead yet ends up losing that support in a week, is someone who is failing to connect.

“Voters in South Carolina saw that Mitt Romney has no core values, and that he will say anything to get elected.  He’s been exposed as having plans and policies that would keep his taxes low, and make them even lower, while doing nothing for the middle class.  The people of South Carolina also began to see what Romney’s brand of free enterprise really is: destroying companies and jobs to enrich himself while working families suffer.  Tonight, they rejected it.  At the end of the day, voters want someone they can trust, who shares their vision and who understands their plight.  And they are finding that Mitt Romney is not that person.

“Regardless of who becomes the Republican nominee, all of the candidates in the race support the failed policies of the past that drove us to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  That’s not what the American people want, and that’s why they know that the clear choice in this election is President Obama.”


Wow. Did the head of the DNC just call Newt Gingrich “someone they can trust, who shares their vision and who understands their plight.”

What’s up with these people?

5 thoughts on “Democrats STILL beating up on Romney

  1. Steven Davis

    Democrats are just seeing Romney in the same light as we are. People are tired of the same ol’ Democrat-RINO candidates.

  2. Phillip

    As I mentioned before, the Democrats have to be careful not to overplay this hand, but keep in mind that Wasserman is from FL, the next big battleground. The Dems want Romney’s ship to continue to sink there. There’s no question that they were clinking glasses last night in the White House. For Obama, these next few primaries may well be THE election from his standpoint, if they propel Newt to the nomination. Interesting tidbit I read this AM: Obama leads Newt 47-45…in Texas.

    This is premature, of course, but I did the math on one of those interactive electoral college maps last night, and I’m ready to go out on a limb and say that Newt at best would do slightly worse even than McCain-08 in the electoral college, and if numbers like Texas hold, he might not even break triple digits.

  3. Juan Caruso

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz, currently a U.S. Representative from Florida, is the not very bright (she is just a non-lawyer) by Dem’s standards. As Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and Florida’s mouthiest politician, Schultz’s characterization of S.C. GOP Primary results are rather telling.

    Her preemptive (prior to the GOP’s Florida primary) attack on Republican in Name Only Mitt Romney is accurate, at least in my opinion, and already resonates throughout conservative America. So what is new? She is attacking an Ivy League lawyer as a surrogate for the party of lawyers. When was the last time that kind of attack happened? No one living can remember.

    Now, if Mitt does not exhibit the kind of non-collegial, Gingrich-like, factual attacks on Obama’s record, she has set Romney up for his next loss.

    Santorum (like Richard Nixon, a non-Ivy League lawyer) is no more running for the current nomination than Ron Paul. Santorum hopes to be the GOP elite’s 2016 nominee, when Mitt does not beat Obama this year. Paul explained yesterday he had not been running to actually win the office of president, but to educate voters (my paraphrasing). Both candidates have now confessed to the same, fatal mistake — not being very serious about winning this time.

    Apparently, DNC strategists have shared with Shultz that adequate, last-minute (indefensible) bimbo eruptions to have Gingrich defeated By Obama in an October surprise have been lined up. The hypocrites hope. “One-way” appeals to conservative morality by Democrat libertines are losing their sure-fire effectiveness. Thank you both, Newt and Nikki!

  4. Chrisropher Kueny

    I think that she is setting up the line that Obama is that person. No one is giving Newt credit for any staying power as far as I can see.

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