How do you think the debate went?

I think that if people were waiting to make up their minds tonight, Newt just won the primary.

What do y’all think?

And why do you think Romney can’t just go ahead and release his stupid tax returns? All his responses on that are so lame.

Mind you, I don’t think Gingrich should win this. It’s just looking more like he might…

17 thoughts on “How do you think the debate went?

  1. SusanG

    The other day my 11-yr-old told us he was going to “Go outside and recharge the sun with my awesomeness.” That’s what I imagine Newt saying when he gets up in the morning.

  2. Scout

    I have a little more respect for Santorum. Newt rubs every fiber of my being the wrong way. That only got stronger tonight. But I probably will still vote for Romney, though I’m not thrilled with him either – he still somehow feels like the safest choice. It is definitely a lesser of evils kind of thing.

  3. Steve Gordy

    We might speculate on how all this cavalcade of destructiveness will affect SC’s reputation in future years. 2000 demonstrated that the politics of personal destruction paid off; if 2012 does the same, will future candidates want to spend their time here?

  4. bud

    Last night was a complete disaster for Mitt Romney. He’s let this tax return issue fester to the point where he’s probably lost the SC Primary. I thought he was smarter than that. Seriously, what is he hiding? We already know he’s sheltering money in the Cayman Islands and he pays only 15%.

    Of course if the GOP voters pick Newt Gingrich they are just nothing but a pack of hypocrits. Seriously, the party of “family values” choosing a serial adulteror?

  5. Silence

    1) Thank G-d for my DVR & Netflix streaming. Plenty of other choices on last night.

    2) While I think that Speaker Gingrich would demolish President Obama in a debate, it wouldn’t matter anyways. He’ll do himself in, and the media will be more than happy to help him lose.

    3) It’s not that Romney’s taxes are too low. It’s that many other people’s taxes are too high. Anyone who wants to emulate Romney’s 15% effective tax rate should just go out and load up on dividend paying stocks, tax-free municipal bonds, and make some nice long term capital gains. It’s that easy!

    4) I always thought that Romney was just a rich trust-fund kind of guy. Until I read the McCain campaign dossier on Romney, I had no idea that he was valedictorian at BYU, cum laude at Harvard Law (MBA/JD) and that he was the real deal as a manager and capitalist. I didn’t know/remember that he’d turned the SLC Olympic games around, and all that kind of stuff. I wasn’t planning on voting for him, but now I think he might be the kind of guy we need… a turnaround artist and effective manager.

  6. Doug Ross


    This goes to the core of the problem with the Republican party – there are too many within it who think a marginally intelligent person with no real record of accomplishment like Sarah Palin should be even considered a spokesman for Republicans. John McCain did more to harm the party by giving her a platform than any Tea Party member every did.

  7. Elliott

    I consider myself a Democrat who believes in capitalism. I also sometimes vote for Republicans whom I believe are best for the job. I have a busy day tomorrow, and I am trying to decide whether I should spend an hour at the polls. I can’t imagine being FOR any of these guys, but THE STATE editorial keeps going through my mind. In November SC electoral votes will go for the Republican candidate no matter whom I vote for or which candidate wins the primary. Tomorrow is my only chance to vote in an election where my vote may matter. Will Huntsman be listed on the ballot? Gingrich seems dangerous to me. He’s a brilliant guy with great persuasive speaking skills who is dangerously lacking in character or management skills. I wouldn’t hire him to manage a Sno Biz. Romney is smart, a great manager, and of sound character. He is also the epitome of what I don’t like about Republican government. His economic beliefs favor the rich and corporations over hard-working Americans. A Romney presidency will result in more people unable to purchase health-care insurance; more part-time, minimum-wage jobs with no benefits; and a higher unemployment rate. There will be an even greater divide between the richest 1% and the rest of us. How can I vote for either of these candidates?

  8. Silence

    @ Elliott – It’s not just the Republicans who favor the rich and corporations over hardworking Americans. Despite the rhetoric, Obama and the Democratic party has done a pretty damn good job of making sure that their well-heeled donors stay “sassified.”

    Capital is scarce, at least true, productive capital. The fact that there are several billion people in the world who currently enjoy a lower standard of living than Americans do will suffice to put downward pressure on wages, benefits and jobs here in the USA. I don’t see the democrats lining up against free-trade, or for tarrifs on foreign-made goods. The current trend towards the “Knowledge Economy” won’t make it any better, as those jobs will be very footloose, and increased and cheap/free global communication will only make those jobs more portable. Once the factories move, it’s only a matter of time before the engineers, machine tool makers, and managers follow.

    There will continue to be a divide between the super-rich and the working-class. The “1%” will continue to allocate capital as efficiently as they can to ensure their continued success. There is a new, global super-rich class rising, and their loyalty will be to capital, not any particular creed or country.

    The lot of the working class is unlikely to improve in the US regardless of who wins in November.

  9. Elliott

    Thanks Silence,

    Your comments are persuasive. It matter greatly to the US if there is a President Romney or a President Gingrich.

  10. Dave C

    I wasn’t going to vote in the Republican primary because, in all honesty, I would hate to see ANY of the remaining candidates become president. And I think it is disingenuous to vote for the weakest candidate in hopes that he becomes the nominee to assure a Democratic win.

    Thus, I’ve decided to vote for Herman Cain (Colbert) as a signal to the Republican party that it needs to get with the program and find some really talented, centrist, moderate and electable candidates from among its ranks (there HAS to be SOMEONE!) or my vote has to go to Obama (whom I don’t have a great deal of quibble with but hate to be effectively unopposed).

  11. Steven Davis

    I really don’t care, all I know is when I got home tonight I had 8 robo-calls on my answering machine. 6 of them were Romney himself or support groups backing Romney.

    All consideration of voting for Romney tomorrow are out the window. I’m voting the Democrat way, vote for the first name on the list… I’m guessing that’ll be Gingrich. At this point, I really don’t care as long it’s a vote against Romney.

  12. bud

    Cain, Huntsman, Bachmann and Perry will all be on tomorrow’s ballot. I may just pick one of them. I’ll toward not voting at all right now. Just seems a bit dishonest to vote for someone you vehemently want to lose come November.


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